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  1. Prince Enigma

    Kingdom Hearts III - 'Lost Masters'???

    To those who have yet to see the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix, I suggest you do so, as this thread will contain a small spoiler from the end of the trailer regarding Kingdom Hearts 3. So, I know the trailer was for 2.5, and I like everyone else am hugely excited for it, even more so...
  2. Prince Enigma

    Who do you think is the KH series most skilled user of Magic?

    Over the course of the series we have seen varying degrees and usage of Magic. The use of this skill isn't limited to just Keyblade wielders, so the question is open to anyone in the series who has displayed use of Magic. Even Minnie Mouse, though I should hope no one would argue she has shown...
  3. Prince Enigma

    The Kingdom Hearts Hunger Games: Who would be the winner?

    Ok, this is a unique spin (at least I think so) on the age old asked question of who is the most powerful/skilled/strong etc. character in Kingdom Hearts. So I thought, how about we throw a bunch of 'em into a Hunger Games like situation where they must fight each other until only one is left...
  4. Prince Enigma

    Who would you like to refight in Kingdom Hearts 3?

    Say they include something like the Mirage Arena, or the Garden of Assemblage, in Kingdom Hearts 3, and get the opportunity to refight pass bosses from any of the previous games in the series, who would you like to refight? Literally ANY boss battle from any of the games. Whether it be a...
  5. Prince Enigma

    True Organisation XIII: Who are the other six unseen members?

    At the end of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance we see the True Organisation XIII, comprised of twelve different incarnations of Master Xehanort, with Sora intended to become the thirteenth vessel. Of course this doesn't happen, but we do see six of the members of this true organisation...
  6. Prince Enigma

    Which character in KH3 would you like to see develop more?

    As a recent newbie to this site, I was really pleased with the great responses to my first thread, and the discussion it produced as to who is the most evil character in the series. I did feel however that my question was fairly limiting in personal opinion as it seemed that Master Xehanort was...
  7. Prince Enigma

    Kingdom Hearts most evil character?

    Just wanted everyone's opinions on who they think is the series most evil character? While I think the go to option may be Master Xehanort, for obvious reasons, who else do you consider to have absolutely no redeeming qualities or no personal tragedy that may have motivated them to be evil.
  8. Prince Enigma

    Only just joined, thought I'd ask people's opinions on favourite KH Disney villain?

    Hi I'm yet another newbie to this site, despite having played the Kingdom Hearts games since the first game was released all those years ago... (makes me feel old) and came upon this site by accident. This question has no doubt been asked and answered but I can't think of anything else to ask...