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  1. WanPisu

    Anime/Manga ► Kingdom

    Seriously, guys? No Kingdom manga-thread? Tch :mad: You guys have to read this manga and no, it's not related to Kingdom Hearts. It's a historical war manga (seinen) that follows the journey of the young lad Shin and the Qin-state's king Ei Sei on their journey to become a great general and...
  2. WanPisu

    Platformers (PS3)

    Hello there. So, I've been sitting here thinking of buying new games while playing some good ol' Crash Bandicoot with my siblings. And so I came to the conclusion that I need some more platformers for my PS3 and thought I'd ask for recommendations here. I'd welcome PS1 and PS2 titles but I'm...
  3. WanPisu

    Kingdom Hearts Manga

    Hello, new here. I thought I'd register today, even though I regularly follow the news on this site, since I needed some help. I'm just wondering whether or not the different manga adaptions cover the whole story of the games? By that I'm not asking whether they're fully canon or not but if...