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  1. ShailsTDSPT

    Ib (RPG Maker)

    Sorry if there is a topic about this game, but couldn't find it and Ib is too small for the search engine. Ib is an Horror RPG made in RPG Maker. At first, you might wonder how a game in RPG Maker (AKA - Top down 2D RPG) can be classified as horror. Well to be honest, I didn't know how either...
  2. ShailsTDSPT

    What are your favourite lines?

    And I mean all around - Sora, Riku, Secondary Characters, Disney characters, whatever. For me it's: 1- "You had your little script, but you kinda forgot to write the sequel!" -Lea For some reason I love this line. Can't explain it. Maybe because it shows how easy it is to beat Xehanort, simply...
  3. ShailsTDSPT

    Grinding Spots

    Where is a good spot to grind? I am having some difficulties with the last bosses in Proud Mode and I guess I need to level a little ^^' I just don't know where.
  4. ShailsTDSPT

    For those who have already have KH3D, what do you think so far?

    Kingdom Hearts 3D today! Yayz! I will buy it in a few hours and, until then, I would like to hear the opinions of those that have bought the game. I'd like to know if it is better than Birth By Sleep, considering that is the game I consider the best till now.
  5. ShailsTDSPT

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts - Light and Darkness *KH3D:DDD SPOILERS*

    This is my Kingdom Hearts fan fiction, named "Light and Darkness". It takes place after KH3D so it will contain spoilers. Proceed only if you aren't afraid of being spoiled or already spoiled yourself. Chapter 0 - Prologue A young man with a black hood walks down a hall, adorned with paintings...
  6. ShailsTDSPT

    The future of Kingdom Hearts Multiplayer

    I posted this in a new thread because the Mirage Arena is mostly about competitive multiplayer and some cooperative multiplayer in a waves-type game. Now with the ability to play with multiple characters in a single game, maybe we could actually play the game 2-player style. Let's take for...