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  1. KeybladeStriker

    Re: Coded Tag Mode

    Re: Coded Tag Mode So, I tried looking all over the forum and the web to get a good explanation of what "Tag Mode" is in Kingdom Hearts Re: Coded. If there is another forum about this subject, I will close this one. I just know I want to play it REALLY bad and acquire the trophies. But how does...
  2. KeybladeStriker

    Sora's age, clothes, looks, etc. KH3D

    One thing that I do not understand, if anyone could help me, is I noticed in DDD, that Sora is younger and has different clothes on. Does anyone know why that is? Riku does not look any different. I know he is in a realm of sleep but, that doesn't explain why he looks younger. It's just...
  3. KeybladeStriker

    Average Play Time

    What would be considered the average play time of each Kingdom Hearts game released in America? Include: Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts: CoM Kingdom Hearts 2 Kingdom Hearts: Re: CoM Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Kingdom Hearts: Re: Coded Thanks! (:
  4. KeybladeStriker

    General Story Understanding

    I am not sure if I will get infractured if I ask this question but it is about the ending of Days that I am not sure about. There is a number of things that need to be clarified for me. Please help and let me know if I can post my question. Thanks!!! (:
  5. KeybladeStriker

    Can anyone Help?

    I was wondering if anyone could help me. Does anyone know where I can buy Kingdom Hearts cosplaying costumes that is not on ebay? they don't have what I am looking for. Thank you! and Im sorry if this is in the wrong thread cuz i coudn't find one related to Cosplaying. Thanks again!
  6. KeybladeStriker

    Can someone please help me with a pic?

    I was wondering if someone could get me a good pic of the Oathkeeper keychain please?? You know the one that Kairi gave Sora?? Just the end of it with the keychain please!!!!! Thankies!:D
  7. KeybladeStriker

    Big Hint in KH!!! *mabey*

    Ok please don't get mad at me if this was posted before I am sooooo sorry if it was!!!:( I was playing KH last night and you know how there are saposed to be like keybladers in that had keyblades in the past!? well in KH when u go back to Aladin's House with Aladin and Genie, they start talking...
  8. KeybladeStriker

    Just Wondering

    i was just wondering if anyone noticed in KH1 i the End of the World. That after u defeat that gargoyle thing, u go into the little thing he was in and there are portles. u know when u go into the the very bottem one, it leades somewhere else. in the next room *i think its that one* and u look...
  9. KeybladeStriker


    ummm......i noticed something in Passion and im not sure if it has already been put as a forum about it b/c i haven't been reading the forums lately so don't get mad at me if this has already been posted. I noticed that in Passion at the near end of the song, something that Utada says in...