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  1. Pandymint

    Finding a New Way to Enjoy Kingdom Hearts in 2021

    Gonna preface this by saying: good god I haven't been here in years and the days I was feels like a lifetime ago even if it was only 5 years. I don't know why I came back, maybe boredom on this particular day, but what can you do. Thought I'd share this. As title implies I've been a fan of...
  2. Pandymint

    Subtle difference I noticed.

    If there's a thread for this or it had been mentioned, I apologize. Started up KH1 on the 4.0 collection and I get to free reign over Destiny Islands and go to Wakka to start my levelleing tradition. Generally never leave until around level 15. But.... it's different. His blitzball throws...
  3. Pandymint

    Bloodborne: The Deconstruction of Souls

    Before we really get started here, I want to briefly talk about one of my favorite animated series: Neon Genesis Evangelion. First airing in Japan during the mid 90's before coming to America in the early 2000's. Spanning a twenty-six episode series, an OVA, a fourteen volume manga run, five...
  4. Pandymint

    How often do you remember your dreams?

    Simple as that. Up until the last 3 years now, I almost never would remember a dream. Since then, I've remembered a handful and in the last six months I've remembered a lot. So what about you guys? Do you never remember or always remember? As a secondary: How normal or weird are they? I...
  5. Pandymint

    What was the first thing you ever drew and were proud of?

    I quite recently just came across a picture of a drawing I did now four years ago, and it was the first time I drew something entirely freehand and felt actually proud of myself. Especially since I hadn't drawn anything in maybe ten years. Behold the majesty. (kidding) So what...
  6. Pandymint

    Asking For A Friend

    Since somebody decided to call me a weeb.
  7. Pandymint

    TV ► HBO Adaptation of Green Day's American Idiot Officially Green Lit

    Reported on NME. The article also mentions Billie Joe's upcoming movie, Ordinary World, as well as Green Day's new album, Revolution Radio which is due to drop tomorrow. I don't know how many of you here would be interested in watching this, but I grew up with this album and Green Day...
  8. Pandymint

    Homestuck Beta KHiRecast

    CHUMAN IS AN INSANE MAN FOR TASKING ME WITH THIS. I'm gonna do kids and trolls, but just the Betas. I don't plan on doing the alphas. don't crucify me for giving myself both dave and gamzee there are legitimate reasons John Egbert - Darknado Dave Strider - Pandymint Rose...
  9. Pandymint

    The Many Faces of The Joker - KHiRecast

    Okay, this is going to be a very small recast. And it was literally made in about fifteen minutes. But who doesn't love The Joker? DarkGrey Heroine - 60's Batman Joker (Cesar Romero) "A joke a day keeps the gloom away!" Not exactly what she seems...
  10. Pandymint

    Pulp Fiction - KHiR Recast (Now with 50% more drinking game)

    Alright kids. Chuman put me up to this and helped me with it so let's get going. Pumpkin - Muke Honey Bunny - Howler Vincent - Pandymint Jules - Ethy Mia - Taochan Marcellus - Launchpad Butch - Chuman Fabienne - DarkGrey Heroine Jimmy - Recon Winston The Wolf - Rien The Dealer - Hemmo...
  11. Pandymint

    Terra's Stupid Pants.

    We have discovered why Terra wears those fake hakama pants. He skipped leg day for five years straight, so he hides it. Here is an artist's representation of the truth: DISCLAIMER: The whole thing was voidolio's idea.
  12. Pandymint

    Pandymint Can Noodle A Guitar (Well, try to.)

    Alright so I got hit with some inspiration and feel like recording some covers. I'll start uploading them once my internet can handle that. I don't know how often I'll do these, so don't expect a ton. Also, I've only been playing a year and a half so I'm not exactly the best and I will make...
  13. Pandymint

    BufferAndLoad Should Change Her Name

    Due to the outrageousness of her actions of late, I petition she change from BufferAndLoad to... THE SPOONY BARD ​All in favor say AYE!
  14. Pandymint

    Tumblr User/Artist Zamii Attempts Suicide After Being Bullied

    'Steven Universe' fandom is melting down after bullied fanartist attempts suicide I'll be the first admit. I try not to get caught up in the drama Tumblr likes to cause because I have a problem with the larger part of the user base in the first place. They seem to have created their own...
  15. Pandymint

    In The Defense of Cloud Strife. [Spoilers for Compilation of VII]

    I originally made this post back when the VII remake was released. The original version can be found here: In the Defense of Cloud Strife. [Spoilers] - Final Fantasy VII Forum - Neoseeker Forums The only difference is that there's some tidier formatting but other than this, it's a copy-paste of...