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    Does BBS?

    Does Birth By Sleep use cards or not?
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    How many of you are buying BBS?

    So are you all buying Birth by sleep when it comes out?
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    How many?

    Is there over an hour of cutscenes in this game?
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    How many hours?

    How many hours do u think it will take to beat the game?
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    Who else has.....

    Who else besides me has to go through a whole school day tomorrow before you get 358/2 days?
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    Does Target???

    Do the reserved copy of days come with the slipcase if u pre-order it at target?
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    Hi im gunner

    Hay everyone i am Gunner i am pretty used to forums cause ive been using pokecommunity.com for about two years now well ive been a fan of kingdom hearts since the 1st one came out, today i bought a new re chain of memories (my other one i dropped and broke it by accident) and got a new 2 cause...