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  1. Sempied

    Final vs. Original designs/concept?

    More so of what was changed in between scans, demo's - current release. Terra: His appearance, and scene here made his appearance look slightly less buff, and much younger compared to his current model. Ven: Originally going to have a much more Roxas resemblant icon compared to his current...
  2. Sempied

    Remind me again

    Just how exactly can people say these are "canon" ~ Kurt Zisa, and Phantom. ~ Mirage Arena. ~ Terra LS fight in KH2FM+ . ~ Hades Tournaments in KH2/Fights with Leon, Cloud, Tifa, and Yuffie. ~ Mickey saving Sora from Xaldin/Other appearances ~ Org.XIII Data Battles. Gamefaqs, not me, Gamefaqs.
  3. Sempied

    A plothole/aspect that alwasy bugged me after seeing Ven's story.

    When Ven encounters Eraqus after realizing his origins, Eraqus has a flashback. This shows that his scars came from MX himself shooting the darkness at him, and revealing somewhat of his intentions. I have to ask just why after this happening (He has the scars in Terra, and Aqua's exams) that...
  4. Sempied

    Memory Space?

    I apologize if it's been asked before however I have about 537 MB on my memory stick right now. With doing the installation to make things faster how much space does it take to save overall?
  5. Sempied

    Who has it worse?

    Terra - Takes his old masters heart, being used as a puppet for the same guy who was preparing you for him to take his body, have your friends begin to doubt you, be manipulated to "The dark side", fuse, and have an ongoing inner battle whilst trying to regain your memories, and making Kingdom...
  6. Sempied

    Another New Gamespot Preview, and new screens.

    Don't kill me if it's old. 6Y5SxIwfsfk oVcM2td2GrA
  7. Sempied

    Did it ever explain why Vanitas face....

    Looks like Sora? Other than Ven - Roxas, I don't think I caught it. Bet a bit of my soul that this has been asked already though.
  8. Sempied

    BrazBrue anyone?

    Just picked up Continuum Shift today, and training my butt off with Ragna for the Belials Edge combo. Anyone else here?
  9. Sempied

    NA Site Updatez

    Sorry if it's old, but: - Dimension Links Video - Command Board Video - "Special"l Updated/Unlocked - Shotlock Video - Disney Town World Map - Radiant Garden World Map Again sorry if it's old news. http://na.square-enix.com/khbbs/ YouTube - 07.22.2010: Birth by Sleep Shotlock Exhibition...
  10. Sempied


    Drastic Changes, as with wallpapers. KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep | SQUARE ENIX Delete this for it being an epic fail for another already existing.
  11. Sempied

    New Final Fantasy Versus XIII Interview + Scans.

    There is a scene whereby the female lead (Skirt girl) looks at the painting. Is the painting important? Nomura: The painting is something I wanted to include in the game. The scene is actually longer. After this scene, the 2 characters (Prince and Skirtgirl) will start their conversation. And...
  12. Sempied

    I Don't get it: "The Grifter"

    koBdTGu58Wc What's so scary about it? Honestly I found Suicide Mouse to be more creepy than this, and that was just with a screamer that added it's touch.
  13. Sempied

    Manga Currently Reading (Light Novels too.)

    Speaks for itself as with you can discuss what it is, and if there is already a thread just to delete this one. Higurashi Tataragoshi-hen: God the artwork for this scared the living hell out of me, literally the moment Keiichi changed his iris/pupil size I was intimidated compared all the past...
  14. Sempied

    No Joke: New Trailer Unveiled. (With mystery VA)

    Courtesy of Gamestop with a mystery voice over. It sounds a lot like Yoda's VA from Star Wars Clone Wars (Tom Kane) Gamestop.com - Buy Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep - Sony PSP