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    hey did anyone notice?

    i looked at cloud...and beside the fact that he has his advent children clothes...he also has the sword from it...so does that mean that he was in KH2 right after advent children or what..i think he did because he is fast as hell in KH2..if this is a spoiler for anyone im sorry...i think he is...
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    whats the name of the KHII website

    whats the name of the japanese one that says KHII is out already
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    has anyone played.

    has anyone here played dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi??
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    what would u do

    what would u do if u woke up and u were six inches tall
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    Hey..New Scans..like 2 or 3 old pics but new scans

    These scans are from KHU i made the mistake of not sayin that last time but thats where i got them from Enjoy http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a175/Sora_aroS/fascan1.jpg http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a175/Sora_aroS/fascan2.jpg
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    NEW PICSS i got new ones..YAY

    http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a175/Sora_aroS/pot2.jpg http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a175/Sora_aroS/pot1.jpg http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a175/Sora_aroS/potscan.jpg those are the new scans...if people found this already sorry..but there u go..Enjoy..Look Jack Sparrow
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    One new pic..

    http://i11.photobucket.com/albums/a175/Sora_aroS/h-104_42607_20050826kh2.jpg its nothing much but whatever info i get on KH2 u guys get it 2..there it is
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    Did u ever wonder

    how old BHK is becuz he looks younger than sora 2 me..i need opinions
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    I love this site.

    i love this site alot and i appriciate all the info u kno..but i got one question..why dont we and KHh.uk.2 or w/e the site is called..why dont we work 2gether 2 get info from each other..cuz i seen other forums and there just learning about demyx..how do u become a mod..or premium member..cuz...
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    BHK both eye's glowed...could he be

    www.krazygamers.com/?view=article&article=265..i i saw it..when he was fighting the heartless and one of them jumps at him..when he swings the keyblades..one of his eyes glow...either thats a heartless or him, but no other heartless were around at the time
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    remember when u see BHK talkin 2 namine

    Why i think BHK had the oblivion and Oath Keeper i think that when u see them 2 talkin, she gives shows him sora's memories and gives him the oblivion and the oath keeper, and there materialized straight from soras memory..i need opinions
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    i have no idea, need opinions

    i dont really have a theory cuz i heard so many but how do u think that Sora, and Axel are connected, as Axel said they were
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    who here??

    who here had a bf or gf on this website??
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    whos ur fav

    if this has been done im sorry, but whos ur fav person from the 13th order, or orginazation, w/e u wanna call them
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    someone please tell me

    can someone please tell me allll the info we got on KH2 so far meaning worlds,people,attacks, as much as u kno...no theories
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    ok so we know

    Deep Dive Theory my theory is since one of the people in deep dive is riku, well nomura confirmed that the other is BHK...thats why riku looked at him like that because of the fact that he thoughr ir was sora,but how did BHK kno 2 the the oblivion 2 Riku....maybe they kno each other...
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    where is he taking her?

    where is sora and minnie going, and what is thast blue ball heading towards sora
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    please dont flame me for this but..

    i just got the kh soundtrack and i love the orchestra thingy, like listenin 2 it calms me down so much, its soothin and it helps me hold down the impatientness i have for waiting for KH2..does anyone else feel that way?
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    Something weird

    if u notive when sora fuses with donald he gets blue clothes right, donald weres blue clothes, but when he fuses with good his clothes are red, and goffy weres green..weird huh