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  1. Cuccojenkins

    Could there be a Shibuya world in KH3?

    In dream drop distance at the end to the 2nd visit to traverse town Neku says see you in shibuya to sora, sora then says its a promise. Is it a possibility that a shibuya world could be in khIII? It would be kind of cool if sora became part of the rg because of his keyblade, or buying accesories...
  2. Cuccojenkins

    Help get Kingdom Hearts III on Wii U

    I think everyone should be able to experience this game. as a Wii u owner and long time kingdom hearts fan, i really don't want to buy a ps4 when the only games i want for it at the moment are ff15 and kingdom hearts III. I know it might take a bit of tweaking, but not as much as people put it...