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    Someone has returned after 21 months

    I don't expect any of you to remember me, but I used to be on here a whole lot back then, needless to say, I finished school (YAY!) and am in the midst of looking for a job/training/whatever I need to get where I'm going in life. I think I stopped coming to this forum after I got KHII, or...
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    I think that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE, is a selfish #$@%&*

    I think someone, possibly in SE, is a selfish (INSERT SWEARING HERE). I think they're selfish because they announcted that, exactly like KH1FM, they've said that they won't bring KH2:FM+ to NA, EU, and any other place where this game has an extremely large fanbase. You're thoughts, and...
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    anime song request

    hi there, I'm looking for a particular song, in case your wondering the song in question is from the Negima Character album. Itsudatte Love & Dream by Akeima Kanda. I dl'd a 3 minute version off of LimeWire a few days ago but i realized that the full song is in fact 3:42, not 3 mins. So, if...
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    Fanfiction ► Gathering Opinions for a fan-fic

    Does anyone here play, or like (or even know of) the Armored Core series developed by FROM SOFTWARE? I have created a fan-faction based on this kick-ass mech series and am wondering if people would like to see a fan-fic about it posted on here. For those of you who DON"T know, Armored Core is...
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    KH2:FM music

    Hi guys, i was just wondering where can i get the KH2:FM+ music tracks, like the Secret ending theme or the E.S boss theme or even Roxas' boss theme. I'm askin bcoz i just checked on the KHI Donwloads section under K and i DID NOT see KH2:FM+ music AT ALL so, if anyone could provide info or...
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    anime Vs. KH2 + poll

    Off topic: this is my first poll-thread ever ^^^ On topic: I had NO idea where to put this so I’ll put it in the Anime discussion thread For those of you who have read or seen Negima! Before, I’ll assume you know some or the entire story. Asuna Kagurazaka (Negima) Vs. Sora (KH2) Since...
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    Sora Vs. Asuna Kagurazaka (A Vs. Topic)

    I had NO idea where to put this so I’ll put it in the Anime discussion thread For those of you who have read or seen Negima! Before, I’ll assume you know the story, for those who don’t know what ‘negima’ is ill tell u this: The story goes that a 10-year-old wizard Negi Springfield is an...
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    Regarding UT99 (Unreal Torunament 99)

    PM from The Midnighter Originally Posted by Ultimate oblivion i dnt no if i shld b PMing u about ths but WTF. I cannot start UT99 (the one tht u linked to on a previous thread) because when i try 2 start the gme progrram it sez the following in a small dialog box: Critical Error Failed to...
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    Info about Axel's VA!!!!

    has anyone EVER wondered why Axel from KH2 and Reno in FF7:AC sound the same? THAT"S BCAUSE THEY DO! Heres a link to am article about Axel's VA and some other roles he's played before KH2 (Include Zatch Bell!, Initial D, Naruto) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quinton_Flynn P.S. BTW i was...
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    WHY oh WHY did Nomura make Kairi weak?

    Personally, Nomura is a dunderhead for making Kairi 1. Not have a Keyblade for a longer period of time. NOT JUST WHEN RIKU WAS IN Xeahnorts Heartless' body, but in the final fight, she could've helped instead of not having a weapon. (or atleast keep that Keyblade 4 longer) 2. about that TWT...
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    Question about Xenosaga

    Just one question: Will the Xenosaga series ever be released in the Europe nations or has it already? im asking this because i live in Australia and it looks like a REALLY AWSOME GAME!!!!
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    Fanfiction ► Ultima Love Triangle REMIX

    This is a remix of my previous fic Ultima Love Triangle as the last one i didn't have enough time 2 work on it but i'll b releasing it as a new fic! I will include wrnings if u don't want 2 b spoiled bcuz the fic obviously has spoilers about KH2 WARNING! THIS STORY CONTAINS SPOILERS...
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    Cool Limit ideas

    My idea 4 a kick-ass limit would b Sora, Kairi and Riku having a trinity of thier own or a Spirit-Bomb thing would b sooooooo kool!!!!!!! :eek: It would do somthing like 5 life bars damage to a boss(Dinsey,ORG.XIII) and automatically kill any normal enemies (Heartless/Nobody) any other ideas? :D
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    Fanfiction ► Ultima Love Triangle

    This is my first attempt at a fanfic and i'll be posting the first chapter soon, this takes place after the events of KH2 and involves the three kids from Destiny Islands. (You SHOULD know who they are) this fanfic is a love trinagle of sorts and may turn into a really long fanfic, unfortunatley...
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    More From Me!

    this is a MAJOR SPOILER it's about axel & sora fighting together http://youtube.com/watch?v=bUd6DZVtWlk&search=Kingdom%20Hearts%20II%20English Tell me wat u think! BTW if ur having problems veiwing try right-clicking or something elese
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    Kaiari's role in KH2 MAJOR spoiler!!!!!

    MAJOR SOPILER!!!! DONT READ IF U DONT WANT 2!!! FOR THOSE OF U WHO SAY I SHOULD POST IN THE SPOILER THREAD I HAVE ALREADY!!! under "MAJOR SPOILERS!!!!" Author "Ultimate oblivion" This one is a link about Kairi's role in KH2 and shows her gettin her keyblade also...
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    Major Spoilers!!!!!!!

    Warning: IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW DON'T READ!!!!! here are a few links to some videos on YouTube which contain MAJOR frickin' spoilers about KH2 this one is english cutscenes for KH 2 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbfSC0QOZ28&feature=PlayList&p=CDDE7DD7341CE5C0&index=0 and this one shows...
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    playing KH for secnod time

    i found that with action replay (that's a mod disk) i could play it again and not feel strange about it
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    KH 2 Passion questions

    im having trouble and am a bit confused because i donwloaded "Passion KH2 (english)" from Limewire & the singer DOES NOT sound like Utada Hikaru this singer sound like a younger woman so can someone help me here? im confused
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    I wish they'd make a KH anime

    i mean if they (disney and square enix) made an anime about KH it would be sooooo cool! i have a few ideas like wat if they used the actors from the game to do a series of episodes about the course of KH1, CoM and KHII anyone want 2 share your ideas?