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    I Have Returned

    GWaaaaaaahahahahaahahahahaaaa...*gag* ha-ha-ha.. <.<;;; Yes once again I'm back. Having graduated I'm not in college and have high speed access once more! but unfortunently I don't have tons of time in class to chit chat...Computer classes and all. Not surprisingly there are alot of azns in...
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    Yes, for a good while I haven't been on. Some of you might be aware of this already. HOWEVER! I won't be on much, if at all for the next couple months..if not sooner. <_< Cuz I graduated, no labtop, and all I get out here in the boonies is dial up and it's not worth it. I'm trying to figure out...
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    The 13th on the 14th

    My birthday was yesterday, for any who care. D= I'm 18 now...*cough*
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    Fanfiction ► Ryo's Tale

    Ryo is my first para Rp character. He is going on 5 1/2 years old. He has been inactive for about a year now though. Figure I'd write his story. Feel free to post comments. It's a LONG ASS Story. Note: Story is Incomplete! I may edit parts and phrases to reverse over them for detail and...
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    Oiy! I need a favor~!

    o.O; Ok, this isn't my style but i'm in need of of music w/o lyrics and I don't know if there's a way to seperate them or not. Anyways, to the point. I need the song "Paint it Black" by "The Rolling Stones" BUT it must be w/o the singing, just the music. o.o; I want to do this song for a...
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    Favorite Sandwich

    This includes burgers or sandwichs, exotic or delicious =O I <3 Rubens They are the god of sandwichs for me. <_<
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    Favorite Battle Combo

    This can be for any game, just state what it is with who in your party and the game! =D One of mine is SH: Covenant Karin, Yuri, Joachim, & Blanca Karin -> Arc Rage Yuri - > Fusion -> Energy Charge Joachim - > Arc Shield Blanca -> Gale to Yuri Yuri -> Attack = omg, one hit attack if perfect. o_O
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    Yuna Vs. Rydia

    Ok! Lemme choose some rules, but pretty free based. 1. Rydia is Adult or Child, but preferably Adult after she trains in the land of summons. 2. The summons can stay out or not stay out, your choice but state both sides. 3. Damage limit break or not doesn't matter. Just remember some of the...
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    Do you think there should be a game and/or movie based off Seto? Also known to the less knowing people as Red XIII's Father. Nanaki! xD Also if they did make something what would it "hafta" be like in your opinion? o.O
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    Sharingon Vs. Byakugan

    Which do you think would be better? Also if need by relate sasuke and Neiji in a fight w/o using jutsu except for their bloodline traits.
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    Tifa Vs. Aeris Vs. Yuffie

    If Aeris never died who do you think would've gotten cloud's affection. Seeing as Tifa, Yuffie, and Aeris were all selectable characters for the date scene in FFVII. >.> Let the bitch fight, commence!
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    Yes everyone, today is 6-6-06. xD Must be a hot day in hell...michigan. Lmfao. Anyone freaked out? Or just having the time of your life? It's at least worth a laugh to the picket sitters.
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    The Arena

    Yus, I Rp too. I'm actually a veteran at it from Yahoo. For about 6-7 years at that. ^_~ Also, not only have I done that but been a few wars as well. I'm extremely rusty, but I'd like to throw up the offer that i'll be accepting all forms of T1 or as some would call it Rp Battle....Eh, never...