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    So Long, Farewell~

    So how long has it been? 5/6 months? Wow it seems like so much longer o.o and I mean that in the best way possible xD well, tonight is my last night, after I log off tonight I most likely will not be returning again. Why am I leaving? Well I have been thinking about it recently anyway, xD...
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    Your final day.

    I found out this morning that one of my best friends has been in a car crash, at the moment, I don't know if he will make it or not. If worst comes to worst he will be the 4th friend of mine that has died in a car crash in the past 18 months. I am of course hoping to god or whoever it is that...
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    Don't you hate it when...

    ...you're on your own in an empty room Singing away to yourself not giving a damn, and then turn around to see several people have just walked into the room during your rendition of a disney song >_> D:
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    [Music] Alcest

    YouTube - Alcest-Souvenirs d'un autre monde Definitely wont be everybody's taste, but some might like them :3 Basically music inspired by mythology sang in french <3 ok so I had to have a friend translate pretty much all the lyrics for me >_> but even if your French isn't fantastic, the music...
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    [MUSIC] Dylan In The Movies

    >.> I should imagine some people that I talk to a lot on here will be fed up already of hearing me talk about this guy :3 I heard him for the first time over the weekend and I have become slightly addicted >.> Myspace :3 I love all the songs that are on there, though City Skies is my least...
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    [MUSIC] Birthday Massacre

    Previous thread :3 I am so not necro bumping by that much o.o had a search around but couldn't find a more recent one. Anywayz, so I heard them a few months ago but to be honest I forgot about them until recently. I've grown quite fond of them though some of their songs are a little odd and I...
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    [MUSIC] Sonata Arctica~

    >.> I couldn't find a thread on them already, so if there is, appologies (: Anywayz, I have been a fan of Sonata Arctica for absolutely ages now xD I love pretty much all of their songs, especially My Selene, Shy (I really love this song <3), The Ruins of my Life, and soooo many others xD but...
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    This section always seems so...empty o_O Anyway, I just wondered if anyone else has the anime Air? It is a very sad anime IMO, and the ending had me in tears >___>; but the story is beautifully done and the characters are all of a good depth, as opposed to the sometimes 2D characters used to...
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    [MUSIC] Crossfade

    Ok so yes I know there are already three threads for them, but the youngest of those is virtually 2 years old and the oldest is like 3 years old so I'm so not going to do a 2 year necro bump 0_0 Anyway, I digress. I have only recently started listening to these again, I had forgotten how much...
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    [Music] Adema

    Old Thread Since I didn't particularly want to bump a thread from well over a year ago >_>; I thought I would post this. If someone disagrees with creating an new topic, I included a link to the old one so the threads can be merged =] Anyway, Adema <3 do many people listen to them? What's...
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    Hmm I have always hated writing these things xD Hi there :P So I have heard a lot about this place, some of it good, some of it not so good, xD so I figured the best way for me to find out is to get off my ass and actually join. New to this place, but active in other forums so I am not a...