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  1. Caxinuld

    Does Anyone Have a Working Link to a Deleted Article?

    I opened KHInsider this morning and noticed an article about NEO TWEWY Concept Art had been deleted. I have no idea why it was deleted and all the images Google cached are low quality.
  2. Caxinuld

    Something New Appeared!

    A new character is rumored to appear in KH3. It looks convincing and I'm curious about the text, but I have to assume this is fake until Disney or Square Enix acknowledges this and says the character will appear in KH3.
  3. Caxinuld

    Digital Media ► My First GIF Edited in Photoshop

    I saw someone compare a redesign of Riku edited to look like Noctis to Sasuke Uchiha and that gave me the idea to edit a GIF of Riku so he would have a Sharingan.
  4. Caxinuld

    If The Org and Other Characters Had Youtube Channels

    Xemnas's channel name: Feared Superior Xemnas uses his account to subscribe to the other members. His videos are him being narcissistic and rambling about Kingdom Hearts, nothingness and his usual grandiose speeches. He thinks that’s why he has so many viewers, but his channel blew up when...
  5. Caxinuld

    Digital Media ► Sora, Donald and Goofy get turned into Xehanort's Vessels

    I've seen a lot of edits where Sora is turned into a Seeker of Darkness, but most of them use KH1 and KH2 Sora, so I wanted to use KH3 Sora. I also got the idea of making Donald and Goofy into Xehanort's vessels from this post. Sora, Donald and Goofy had been attacked by the Seekers of...
  6. Caxinuld

    KH Merch I Can't Seem to Find Pictures of

    According to the KHWiki, there were some pre-order items available for Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. However, these playing cards and the necklace don't seem to have any pictures on the internet and even if I use search terms like "Final Mix" or "Preorder bonus", I just get fanmade content of...
  7. Caxinuld

    Leaked KH3 Cutscene

    Click here to see it. Roxas is confirmed to make a return.
  8. Caxinuld

    Skateboard Glitch

    On Twilight Town's Skateboard minigame, if you skate past the starting point and grind on the rail in front of the hole to the forest, you can skate into the arch and get thrown into the air, but you won't land and just get stuck midair. If you have a spare jump, use Board Grab and you can rack...
  9. Caxinuld

    Leaked Member of the True Organization XIII

    Click here to see the next member of the Real Organization XIII.
  10. Caxinuld

    Source on Merlin's Time Chamber

    During the the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra Tour, an interview with Tetsuya Nomura mentioned Kairi and Lea training together in a place where "time flows differently". However, I have forgotten the original article that mentions it and I was wondering if anyone had a link to it or a screenshot of...
  11. Caxinuld

    What If Sora Lost the Fight With Roxas?

    It's been shown that it's possible for hearts to fight for control over a body, as seen with Terra's and Xehanort's hearts clashing over the vessel Xehanort claimed, which leads me to making up what could happen afterwards. Roxas didn't know he had to stab a keyblade in himself to release...
  12. Caxinuld

    The 13th Struggle Performed on a Kazoo

  13. Caxinuld

    Now That a KH Themed Cafe is Real...

    I can now bring out an AU inspired by this fanart. Bonus Trivia There's no hidden meaning when the org members are consumed by their own element, it's just a cooler way of having the bodies disappear. Karaoke is a Japanese term that translates to Empty Orchestra. Xemnas is the laziest...
  14. Caxinuld

    Countering Lingering Will's Most Brutal Attack

    I got caught by surprise when Lingering Will blocked out my attack command and I have no idea how to counter it. Has this happened to you guys and what are you supposed to do when that happens?
  15. Caxinuld

    Kingdom Hearts, Except the Keyblade is an AK-47

    Credit goes to Diamond Werewolf for creating this.
  16. Caxinuld

    How Does Mickey Talk to Sora?

    During the beginning of KH1, a mysterious voice talks to Sora. Out of universe, we know it's Mickey, but that only raises the question: How and why would Mickey reach out to Sora?
  17. Caxinuld

    Proud Quest 19's Criteria Confuses Me.

    I have no idea what counts as a Medal with a 3-tier boosting special attack. According to the game, Crocodile is allowed, but it only boosts 2 tiers. Illustrated KH2 Kairi only boosts 1-tier and that's allowed. Xaldin B is considered a legal medal. It does not offer any tier boost, but it's...
  18. Caxinuld

    Theory: KIngdom Hearts is a Game of Dungeons and Dragons

    Dungeon Master (DM): "I'm gonna let y'all visit Disney worlds in this campaign." Player 1: "Can we use Final Fantasy too?" DM: "I guess you can?" Player 1: "I want to be Goofy." DM: Strange request, but I guess I can make up a character sheet for Goofy. Is he a dog? I mean-" Player 2: "I WANT...
  19. Caxinuld

    Did You Ever Hear the Tragedy of Ansem the Wise?

    It's not a story many would tell you. It's an old legend. Ansem the Wise was a Sage-King, so powerful and so wise he could influence his apprentices to study hearts. He had such a knowledge of the heart, he could even unlock the secrets and the darkness within them. The darkness is a pathway to...
  20. Caxinuld

    What if Eraqus Killed Ven?

    I think Terra's anger at Eraqus for killing his best friend would've fueled his darkness, which would make him stronger during his fight and while he is busy with defeating his adoptive father, Xehanort takes advantage of the situation by releasing his heart when he sees Terra defeat Eraqus. As...