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    Fanfiction ► Nomenclature

    Right, then. I'm basically just copying and pasting a fanfic I wrote that can be found on my homepage. Credit for the story idea goes to Chiponyasu of the VGR forums and Lys Redwood for the "prisinte castle clean" line. ~*~ NOMENCLATURE Every Organization has its problems, Xemnas thought to...
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    Favorite FF character name changes

    Because it's always fun to give FF characters nicknames instead of their default names. What are YOUR favorites? Here's my list: FF2: Guy/Gus: #16 FF7: Barret: Mr. T FF8: Squall: Squally (I wanted to see Seifer call him Squally) Rinoa: Idiot FF9: I changed "Dagger" to "Garnet," so it just...
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    Favorite webomic

    Yeah, I'm sure the title is self explanitory. I personally like 8-Bit Theatre, RPG World, and usr/bin/w00t. Sadly, w00t never seems to be updated anymore. *Sigh* So what's your favorite webcomic?