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    Command Meld Question

    What Commands do you need to make Mega Flare, and Tripple Firaga/Blizzaga? Thanks in advance!
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    Fear of roaches...

    Is there a scientific term for a fear of cockroaches? I've looked for the term on the internet and nothing popped up so does even have it's own name? I know it's a pointless thread but it has been bugging me for some reason.
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    Dennis Hopper dies at 74

    Dennis Hopper died today at age 74 after a long battle with cancer. He was an amazing actor and was in tons of movies. Most notably the antagonist in Speed.
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    Help/Support ► I need some advice...

    I feel weird posting this here since I don't really know any of you, but i have a dilemma and none of my friends are any help so here it goes. So my mom and dad have been in an on again, off again relationship basically since I was born and my dad is a violent alchoholic and drug addict. And...
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    Which Secret Boss is Harder?

    I'd say Lingering Sentiment only because I haven't played BBS.
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    Question about Braig in US release.

    Sorry if this has been discussed. Do you all think the scene where Braig gets his eye obliterated will be cut out of the US release? I really hope not because it's one of my favorite scenes in BBS.
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    To anyone that has played BBS and beat.

    Sorry don't know if this has been asked or discussed, but how long does it take to complete the game in it's entirety? I've seen videos on youtube where it only took like 6-8 hours for each scenario, and I've seen interviews saying it would take 15+ hours for each scenario. So any help would be...
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    So does any one else.....(SPOILERS)

    My question is does anyone here really hope Haley Joel Osment doesn't voice Vanitas, or does anyone know if he will be?