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  1. Andillexe

    Fanfiction ► Outside the Window (a KH one-shot)

    My little sister wrote this story, and I almost cried (which is a big deal since I almost never cry). Riku woke up in an uncomfortable and unfamiliar bed. For some reason, he couldn’t see anything but darkness, so he reached up to pull off the blindfold and was surprised when his...
  2. Andillexe

    Fanfiction ► Dusk's Dream [Prequel to Twilit Road to Dawn]{Ch5 Pt3 Up}

    Rated: PG-14 Here it is. The prequel you've been waiting for. The story of what happened to Crystal when she was still Xion, the fourteenth member of Organization XIII, and the events that led up to Twilit Road to Dawn. Her love interest with Zexion, the sixth member of Organization XIII. Her...
  3. Andillexe

    Birthday Time!

    Finally! after fifteen years of waiting on this little blue/green planet, I'm finally 16!!!!! Hooray for me.
  4. Andillexe

    The New Age of Dragons

    This is a story that my sister, Nat, wrote. She asked me to put it up on my account for her since she doesn't want one, but she wants help to make her writing better. I personally think that it's okay so far, but feedback and critiquing is still good. So don't hesitate to say anything. :3...
  5. Andillexe

    Stuff from DevArt

    Hey. I need a little help figuring out what to do on one of my projects. I've been working on this for a while, and it'd be great if I could get some opinions or constructive criticism. Death Gambling I have no idea what to put for the blank die, the back of the cards, or the background...
  6. Andillexe

    Andillexe's Thread of Poetry

    I wrote a few poems that I actually liked a little bit and decided "Hey, why don't I post it somewhere for people to look upon it and criticize? That'd be fun." So I did. I got a little inspiration from reading a quote and just kept the ball rolling. Enjoy, and don't be afraid to speak your...
  7. Andillexe

    Fanfiction ► Rebirthing Midnight

    So, here it is. The continuation of my first fanfiction, Twilit Road to Dawn, which you should probably read first (if you haven't already) to get what the hell is going on. Rating: PG-13 Warnings: Coarse language, humor, sarcasm, random moments, cheesy scenes, etc., same as before...
  8. Andillexe

    Fanfiction ► Twilit Road to Dawn

    Caution: coarse language, cheesy scenes, random moments, and excessive sarcasm. You have been warned. Also, sorry for any grammatical errors that may occur. Also, there may be minor spoilers near the end of the story. Feel free to make any comment or ask any question. ^_^ Chapter 1...