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  1. Reflection

    Back again

    Hey KHI. I was super active here in high school and it was very embarrassing lol. But I logged back in yesterday and I saw that there’s a new community and a nice atmosphere and so I started posting again! I’m looking forward to being around a fresh group of folks and getting to know everyone...
  2. Reflection

    Favorite superbosses

    Hey all, recently I’ve been going through my favorite Square Enix games and trying to get platinum trophies for them. The other day I finally beat Sephiroth in the first Kingdom Hearts which took me way too long but always wanted to do since I was 13! Which video game super bosses (meaning...
  3. Reflection

    Film ► Kamikaze Girls

    cbFEPS8PPic neat japanese movie about lolita and yankee girls!! i watched it this week and it's really funny and cute. the soundtrack is by yoko kanno also (if you need further convincing to watch it)
  4. Reflection

    Film ► I'm a Cyborg But That's OK

    1KaOLDZe2GI really neat/strange movie i watched last week. definitely worth watching if you're into park chan wook's films!
  5. Reflection

    wu tang goku just texted me

    "art people are weird. yoni" i was like what is yoni he told me hes been sayin it a lot lately, and to look it up Yoni - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  6. Reflection

    whats the situation

    whats goin on whats everyone doing whos on the web whos producing New Content
  7. Reflection

    giraffes kissing

    Orisinal.com - Casanova
  8. Reflection


  9. Reflection

    Music ► One Direction

    this thread is now a thing niall is my favorite who is ur favorite go
  10. Reflection

    Help/Support ► why wont my whitestrips stick to my teef

    its really aNNOYING!! the top one always stays on for 30 minutes but the bottom one gets all wet and slips off after like 10 minutes i cant keep myself from having saliva! this is so hard D: edit: this is my 5000th post hahahahahahahaha
  11. Reflection

    Post Cool Wikipedia Articles Here

    this is what im readin right now List of Japanese dishes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  12. Reflection

    Help/Support ► WHICH TOMS DO I GET

    deciding between blue canvas and petal grosgrain the thing is i LOVe the petal ones because im a very girly girl and pink stuff is just everything for me, but they look a little shiny?? i dont want shiny. but i want that shade of pink. they are also more expensive. but they just scream my name...
  13. Reflection

    Music ► New Order

    JEJpmDUMKco new wave <3333
  14. Reflection

    i just loVE DOLL GAMES AHH

    Rinmaru Games - Decololi Dress up game
  15. Reflection

    does anybody else remember that thing where

    we all put our friends names in our signatures and put like ~~~BUDDIES~~~ and had seven or eight ppl there suffice it to say i dont think i could fit all my buddies within the 500 character limit XD *kiss kiss* xoxoxoxoxo
  16. Reflection

    um okay WOW this girl on tumblr

    totally just followed me so i was like hey thanks for following u are cool and pretty + want to be friends. i see you also are a fan of richwhitelesbian he is one of my favorite bloggers! and she makes this VAGUE ASS post like 5 min later "girls who fangirl over male bloggers are weird" +...
  17. Reflection

    steve isnt home i need someone to watch bad AMVs with

    its just so boring ok i found one here K-ON are All Stars - YouTube
  18. Reflection

    Persona 4 Arena Sprites

    Persona 4 Arena Character Sprites hoho! i'm gonna do weird stuff with these
  19. Reflection

    cosmetic entropy

    i would like to live among the blind; hunched over and stymied by sound. i'd like to rip up these pin-ups— these cocky shutter-smiles and sweet grimaces in war-paint. callous! in blissful ignorance, grey over my hands and wrinkle my mind, because soft skin tears so painfully. but cosmetic...