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  1. Antar

    Digital Media ► Final Fantasy 14 - Gosetsu

    I'm currently playing the Stormblood expansion in Final Fantasy 14, and Gosetsu is a really neat character! I had some inspiration and motivation so I drew him Also, the story is so good! I know some of you play it, so if anyone is on Hyperion, I'm Antar Cobs. Hope to see ya around!
  2. Antar

    Digital Media ► Custom Kingdom Hearts Wallpaper

    I made myself a new Kingdom Hearts wallpaper to use and decided to share it. The image is pretty big so you might need to rick click and open it in a new tab or something. I'd say it looks pretty neat: Here's the image, 1920x1080: If anyone wants to use it; enjoy
  3. Antar

    The 0.2 Hang Challenge

    Here's a challenge for you all who have nothing else to do but accept it! In 0.2, in the area right before the final boss, there's a crystal like object protruding next to a pillar. You can see exactly where in the minimap in the first picture. The challenge here is to try to hang off of it like...
  4. Antar

    Stardew Valley (For you Harvest Moon fans out there!)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot7uXNQskhs So a long while back, I was floating around in the Steam Greenlight section and I discovered a neat game called Secrets of Grindea. And during that time I came upon a game called Stardew Valley. For some reason I completely forgot about it, so now I...
  5. Antar

    Little Things in the Jump Festa 2016 Trailer

    Like everyone else, I am really excited about the new trailer we got! It was great! But I also noticed a few little things that might actually be pretty big! Click Here for the Trailer 3:55 - Sora jumps onto an enemy very briefly. Could this be flowmotion off of enemies? Sort of like what they...
  6. Antar

    Anime/Manga ► Arslan Senki

    ​Has anyone here seen this ongoing anime called "Arslan Senki" or "The Heroic Legends of Arslan"? It's set in this medieval setting with some fantasy and it really good. I'm 14 episodes in and I'm really enjoying it! The setting is awesome, the visuals look great, the story is gripping, the...
  7. Antar

    KH3 Trailer New Heartless (and more)

    Here's some more interesting things about the trailer: Water Heartless Those first water heartless surround themselves with water bubbles which, upon being hit, cause the heartless to teleport out of harm's way. The only way Sora was able to hit them in this trailer is by magic (specifically...
  8. Antar

    My first anniversary...

    Hi, I have recently passed my first year anniversary on this forum (I forgot about it which is why this thread is late). I doubt any of you know me, but I lurk around. My first year has been special to me since I met a few good friends here and I'm really happy about that. So yeah...back to the...
  9. Antar

    Informative video

    First, if this is posted in the wrong place, please feel free to move it. This is the best place I could find. While browsing through Youtube I found this video that talked about some of the history of Kingdom Hearts. I'm pretty sure a lot of you know most of the stuff but it might have...
  10. Antar

    Return of fun boss fights?

    Notice: First thing I want to say is, this is my opinion. I know that many of you won't agree with me, but this is just how I feel. Also I'm new here so if you can, go easy on me :/ Intro: I played almost every Kingdom Hearts game. The only ones I didn't pass were Dream Drop Distance (I never...
  11. Antar


    I love this site/forum, and I have been visiting it for a while. It's the perfect place for Kingdom Hearts news and discussion. The problem is: I was too lazy to register. I finally did so I just came here to say hello. So...um, hi? I hope I'll be accepted here and I want to get to know everyone :3