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  1. Piercing Light


    Undertale is an indie rpg for PC. Guys, this game is so kupoing charming, and the writing is great, the mechanics simple yet in depth, bahh I wish I knew how to gush better. Just like... check it out maybe. It uhh, also just so happens to be the number 1 rated PC game on metacritic right now.
  2. Piercing Light

    Unsung Story

    Final Fantasy Tactics And Vagrant Story Director Introduces New Project - News - www.GameInformer.com "Yay~ new Strategy/RPG~" just had to be on mobile though... didn't it?
  3. Piercing Light

    Persona: Frozen IC (Open)

    There's something about winter that has always felt calming to me. The way nature is covered in a sheet of pure white snow, the steadily falling flurries that drift in the stinging cold air, it all adds to the stillness of the outdoors. It's as if the very Earth were frozen in a tranquil...
  4. Piercing Light

    Persona: Frozen

    "Welcome to the Velvet room." The voice seems to draw your attention to your surroundings. Covered completely in plum colored decorations, from the rugs to the seats with the exception of a few, tinted windows, it seems you are in an airplane. Once you take in the lush interior decorating...
  5. Piercing Light

    Solace In Night [RP Thread]

    Radiant Garden Walking at a brisk pace Acesto listened with rampant paranoia as his footsteps echoed throughout the shallow corridor he found himself wandering down. There was no alarm going off, no men in dark uniforms coming for his head, yet he couldn't help but feel as if there was trouble...
  6. Piercing Light

    Solace In Night [Signup/OOC]

    Just how far is it that someone must fall? How long can they spend in a sea of perpetual darkness before it finally consumes them? I've cast away all that remains of my former self, tossed my emotions out like the anchors they were. Nothing is left... Except my memories. As long as the memories...
  7. Piercing Light

    Spirit Panic!

    Signups and OOC The halls were empty, void of any sign of life down their long reaches. The only noise came from a pair of bare feet slowly strolling along these halls, the soft footsteps barely made an echo. A single right hand gently glided across the walls, only stopping to examine what...
  8. Piercing Light

    Spirit Panic! [Signups and OOC]

    Banner made by Superbia Roleplay Thread A Retrospective Look at History In the year 2550, Japan sunk into the sea. Countless earthquakes withered the island over time, until it was eventually too much. This was not an unprecedented event; it was in fact predicted to happen in the year...
  9. Piercing Light


    Been thinking of making a .hack RP, and I want to know who'd be interested. I guess the setting will be AU, with a 'The World' similar to The World R:2. The plot will have to do with a group of hackers planning on taking control of The World, due to issues with the 'constraining' rules of the game.
  10. Piercing Light

    Piercing Light VS King Wolfe

    Up for a battle? .
  11. Piercing Light

    Is Kairi an official Disney Princess?

    Sorry if this has been discussed before or whatever, but I was just wondering. Since Disney owns Kairi, along with the other original characters made for the game.
  12. Piercing Light


    In the center of the grand city of Elm, an event was taking place. Large crowds gathered, important figures dropped everything and put their full attention to it even. The center of Elm was a park, one of the few places left in the city where one could breath easy and not worry about the hustle...
  13. Piercing Light

    Akuma (Sign-ups/OOC)

    Akuma The setting is a planet known as Gyrus. Its size is roughly that of Earth, though about a quarter larger. It orbits its sun Vigis once every 540 Earth days, resulting in long lasting seasons ranging from luke warm to just slightly chilly. Moving in closer to the planet one can see that...
  14. Piercing Light

    Piercing Light VS Bonechill

    Setting: An arena of slight Roman design, placed in a space station. Indistinguishable aliens watch on from the stands. Our two characters have been forced here to fight to the death. Conditions: One dies, one lives, plain and simple. Restrictions: Powers are allowed, however nothing DBZ like...
  15. Piercing Light

    Luminous Studio Engine

    Square Enix Flirts With Photo-Realism For Next-Gen Engine - News - www.GameInformer.com Looks mighty impressive, I wonder how it makes particle effects and character models look... With a new engine comes new game ideas, I wonder what they're thinking about over there.
  16. Piercing Light

    RP I've been working on

    Now, normally I would just post this in the OOC/signups, however all this talk of a critique thread and such made me want to see what people thought of it first. Said RP I've been working on is fantasy/science fiction sorta deal. So~ I'd like someone to put it under a critical microscope.
  17. Piercing Light

    ♥ Fight! Cry! Despair! The Things You Do For Love♥ (Romance/Slice of Life RP)

    A cool breeze drifted in the air, picking up the scent of the ocean below as it flowed towards a lone island. A lone seagull flying above let loose a molting feather, which was picked up by the wind and carried as if it were apart of the stream of air. It passed over the coast, bending thin...
  18. Piercing Light

    What games can look like tomorrow?

    Can Games Look Real Today? - News - www.GameInformer.com Looks mighty impressive, though I wonder how much computing power they are using...
  19. Piercing Light

    ♥ Fight! Cry! Despair! The Things You Do For Love♥ (Romance/Slice of Life RP)

    (Summary written by King Wolfe) ♥Fight! Cry! Despair! The Things You Do For Love ♥ Angels and demons in Western cultures have been described as creatures of supernatural properties. The classical term would be divinely creations. Angels would be of the most beautiful woman surrounded by...
  20. Piercing Light

    [R3-B6] InnerPeace VS Weeaboo

    Arena: Pokemon championship arena Special Conditions: This is a pokemon battle to decide who takes the title of pokemon master! Each trainer will choose three pokemon to use. The first trainer to K.O all three of their opponent's pokemon will be the winner. Send me a template including: The...