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  1. Hypoxium

    happy birthday celtis!!!!!!!!!!!

    he's 18 now oh yeah!!! YvY6DU-uEiw
  2. Hypoxium

    race attorney 5 - equal opportunity lawyer

    ?????????5?????? ???????????????1????!! - ??????? some japanese stuff idk
  3. Hypoxium

    Mega Man Legends 3 (Prototype Version Ann- nvm lol)

    Platforms: not the 3ds Release Date: never u mad? do you see all of these screenshots? looks good doesn't it? too bad you'll never play it XD at least you have re the merceneries 3D right? lol
  4. Hypoxium

    Confirmed: New Resident Evil (Operation Toronto)

    First Details on Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Unveiled - StickSkills.com - Where the Gamers Go!
  5. Hypoxium

    today is celtis's birthday!

    happy birthday taylor i love you bruddah
  6. Hypoxium

    Couple of Questions for People with the Guide

    Since site staff will be doing the Birth by Sleep section of the main site over again, I need someone with the strategy guide to answer the following questions for me: 1. Are there full renders (images) of the Prince (from Snow White), the Grand Councilwoman, Lady Tremaine, Drizella, Anastasia...
  7. Hypoxium

    Xehanort's Reports (Complete)

  8. Hypoxium

    Street Fighter × Tekken

    Platforms: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360. PC Release Date: 2012 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KLQ1aCOSQos&feature=player_embedded http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSKidYxGzcQ&feature=player_embedded Roster: Street Fighter: Chun-Li Abel Guile Hugo Ibuki Ken Ryu Cammy Sagat...
  9. Hypoxium

    Demon's Souls

    Demon's Souls is a real-time combat RPG set in a dark fantasy medieval Europe-inspired world, where you pick a class, create your own hero, and go around fighting a bunch of demons in order to claim their souls and free the land of Boletaria. It has an interesting online system in which you can...
  10. Hypoxium

    NeverDead (PS3/360)

    jt9z2lOoe4Y Just saw this announced at the Konami press conference and I thought it looked pretty interesting. Apparently your limbs can be blown off and put back together (not really sure how you'd get game over, but whatever). Takes place in an apocalyptic future with demons and poo. Also...
  11. Hypoxium

    lol PS4

  12. Hypoxium

    Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3

    nzvE7e94Z_A&feature=player_embedded Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 Release Date: February 15, 2011 Roster: Marvel: Wolverine Iron Man Hulk Captain America Deadpool Dormammu Super-Skrull Doctor Doom Thor X-23 Spider-Man Magneto M.O.D.O.K. She-Hulk Storm Phoenix Taskmaster Sentinel...
  13. Hypoxium

    Help/Support ► boner trouble

    every time i play blitz ball i get a huge boner and its messing up my game
  14. Hypoxium

    Worlds in Kingdom Hearts

    Discuss all world related and upcoming world related topics in this thread. Below is a list of worlds that are currently playable in the Kingdom Hearts universe, from both released and unreleased games. Kingdom Hearts 3D [Dream Drop Distance] Traverse Town Le Cité des Cloches Prankster's...
  15. Hypoxium

    Coded Episode 8

    Next world is Castle Oblivion. Light in Chaos: KH;coded episode 8 details - Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Message Board for PSP - GameFAQs Çò¤È¹õ¤ÎÆ®Áè¡¢³«»Ï¡£ - ReBirth Wings
  16. Hypoxium

    Birth by Sleep Video Archive

    Cutscenes: Opening Terra's Ending Ven's Ending Aqua's Ending Last Episode (Part 1) Last Episode (Part 2) Last Episode (Part 3) Last Episode (Part 4) Last Episode (Part 5) Last Episode (Part 6) Last Episode (Part 7) Last Episode (Part 8) Last Episode (Part 9) Last Episode (Part 10) Final Ending...
  17. Hypoxium

    Terra's Scenario

    Although I don't know of a current playthrough taking place for Terra at the moment, please let me know if you do. This thread will be used to keep track of Terra's scenario information. Terra visits each world in the following order: Land of Departure Enchanted Dominion Castle of...
  18. Hypoxium

    Ven's Scenario

    First Stream Second Stream Same as the Aqua Scenario thread, this one will be used to keep track of Ven's scenario. Ven visits the following worlds in the following order (will be updated as the playthrough goes on). Land of Departure Dwarf Woodlands Castle of Dreams/Enchanted...
  19. Hypoxium

    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    Here's some images I've put together of Keyblades from Birth by Sleep. Surely someone who knows Japanese can translate them.
  20. Hypoxium

    Birth by Sleep Spoiler Thread

    Well, since people have already gotten their hands on copies of Birth by Sleep, all information that surfaces will be compiled in this thread and kept in the main post. Please refrain from spamming up the thread, and if you find anything new, please post it in here along with a source. (Please...