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    Chat music

    Years ago, KHI had a chat function. In it, there was a music player. There was a particular song that I m currently looking for. It was a remix off Dr. Wily's theme. It was kinda badass. I have searched everywhere else and can't find it. Does anyone else know what I am referring to? What it was...
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    Ventus and Xehanort

    I've been gone away from the series for a while. Has it ever been explained how Xehanort originally left DI, and how Ven got off after connection hearts with Sora?
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    2 UX Questions

    Getting back into the theory game. It's been a few years, so I'm rusty. I'm not finding answers on these questions: Who did Luxu pass the Goat of Atonement to? I don't think it went directly to Xehanort, there's too large a time gap. Where are the Dandelions? If I am to understand, the events...
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    Questions of Existence DDD SPOILERS

    More bags to tag - YAY! This makes Xemnas a Conversed. Xemnas, as well as the remainder members of the Organizaton; Braig, Saix, etc. Do not get me wrong, Conversed are not a new enemy. They are basically people. I'm specifying for the sake of difference. TL;DR: In conclusion, Lea is a new...
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    UEM and the White Heartless aka Dusks.

    For any oldfag that's been here long enough to recognize these archaic-ass dinosaur terms, Im referring to Master Xehanort and Nobodies. MX seemed like he had this plan in BBS. Which he did. Keep his heart body hopping to remain immortal and respark the Keyblade War to obtain the true Kingdom...
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    Hey hey hey! Fun time! Waka waka!

    [insert meme here] tl;dr I'm back.
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    Just a quick question about Desert Punk. Does anyone know how the manga ended?
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    Now I get it.

    And anyone who's been hating KH more and more recently knows where I'm coming from. KH...Kingdom Hearts is nothing more that Dragonball GT. After watching THIS, I came to this conclusion. Can anyone see the similarities? What happens next? Kingdom Hearts Vertigo? lol THAT'S why KH has been...
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    God, I'm old.

    Around this time five years ago I joined KHI. I feel as if I wasted my life surrounded by people who hate me. Yeah. So here's to five years of "Your mother" "No" "lolno" "You're ugly" "I'm the PMF bitch" "pwnteded" "stfu pmf get banned" and anything in between. I love you guys.
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    Analysis of a Heart contains BBS spoilers

    A heart. The basic fundamental entity that controls who we are and what we are. A heart, something so simple, yet so complex determines so much to who we are. It determines our ages, physical appearance, even our gender. Certainly there must be some sort of clue inside as to what a heart is...
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    KH Rant

    Hey guys, it’s me….Genocide….god I’m lonely. [incredible hulk ending plays] I just got unbanned and back with a rant that will likely to cause me to do so again. You see, because of what the series has become, I can’t enjoy it much anymore. And because of all the more people that join, I can...
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    What Final Fantasy characters...

    "Which Final Fantasy characters do you think exist in the Kingsdom Hearts Universe?" Reno does not exist. Do not say Reno. We don't need people saying the same thing over and over. Explain who you think exists in the universe, why you think they exist in the universe [what your reasoning is...
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    Fanfiction ► Pokemon Origins

    As it is written… Long ago, when the universe was still young, there existed Arceus. Arceus was creation, and creation was his. So he created three beings in his image; Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina. And for a while it was good. Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina served under Arceus for eons until...
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    Here's to celebration of the old things in life.

    When's the last time anyone played? Really?
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    Trying to get some booty

    I decided to give Oblivion another whirl and I like it now. Um, I killed the pirates though. That's bad because Gaston doesn't show up. Which means I never get the key to open the booty chest. That's all said and done. Does anyone know the order in which I need to pick the lock to get it...
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    Aqua's Keyblade.

    So is it confirmed that Aqua can't wield anymore?
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    Kairi's future usefulness to the series.

    A while ago, lonnbilly made this this post in another thread: [COLOR=Red] Yet, most of you were too stupid to comprenend the point of that thread. Some of you wound up talking about Xion and how she sucks dick. Don't project your faggotry onto the characters just because you don't like them...
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    A Sora theory

    [WARNING. CONTAINS MILD, VAGUE BBS SPOILERS. SO VAGUE, IT BARELY IS CONSIDERED SPOILING, BUT I GOT TO GIVE THIS WARNING.] A long time ago, I got shit faced and had an idea. It was well thought of, just shit-horribly planned and turned into this...
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    Things in the Kingdom HEarts universe that people are forgetting.

    1. First of all, Master Xehanort and Xehanort are two different entities. People do NOT need to confuse them. This has been known since 07. STOP CALLING ONE BY THE OTHER'S NAME STUPID ASS MOTHERFUCKERS! 2. MASTER XEHANORT DOESN'T HAVE A NOBODY! Master Xehanort existed BEFORE the creation of...
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    Theme of the series. (Days Spoilers)

    Kingdom Hearts 1. The theme of it was hearts...or rather, the connetion to the heart. I've noticed a major change in the main focus of the series. As Nomura has said, KH1 was hearts, while KH2 was promises. With Memories being the most important thing in Chain of MEmories, I'm going to have to...