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  1. XIII Heartless

    Marvel Spider Man | September 7th 2018

    I'm sure we've all seen, or at least heard of, this exciting new game by now: aDPWDkdNLEc Apparently this is just the start of more to come, though: Marvel Games' new mandate is 'Make epic games,' and Spider-Man is just the beginning | Polygon This is really dope to me. I've been wondering...
  2. XIII Heartless

    Lebron James: The Decision 2.0

    Anyone else betting on/hoping he returns to Cleveland with Irving, Wiggins, and maybe Love and goes to work?
  3. XIII Heartless

    Child of Light

    How is there not a thread for this game? Child of Light Review - IGN Beyond excited. I have so many games to play when finals end next week.
  4. XIII Heartless

    Film ► Incredibles 2 (and Cars 3) Are Happening

    Disney Officially Announces The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3 Are in the Works - IGN Rejoice, brothers and sisters. Our prayers have been answered.
  5. XIII Heartless

    Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response

    For as long as I can remember, I've experienced random moments of a pleasurable, tingling sensation that starts in my head and works its way down my spine. It's very euphoric (not sexual or anything) and is triggered by a number of things; getting a haircut; someone whispering softly to me...
  6. XIII Heartless

    Why America Isn't the Greatest Country in the World

    73_ds1xQmD4 Just watched this recently and thought I'd share. I'd love to hear what you guys think about this. Do you agree? Disagree? Why do you?
  7. XIII Heartless

    Shooting at Lone Star College in Houston, TX

    Two shot at Lone Star College in north Houston | abc13.com This is becoming increasingly saddening. Eventually, these school shootings are going to fail to be breaking news; just something that happens every couple of weeks. This one is kinda close to me too, I go to Rice, which is about half...
  8. XIII Heartless

    Pandora's Tower

    Pandora Power to the people nshit.
  9. XIII Heartless

    Last Poem of the Semester

    Wrote this as my last assignment for my ENGL 304 class this semester. One of my favorite ones I did this semester, so thought I'd share. All criticisms welcome. Learning Curve I know how to love a child as a father should; my parents taught me how. But a man loving a woman, and a woman a man...
  10. XIII Heartless

    MegaMan to Return

    Capcom Promises New Mega Man on Consoles - IGN Praise Black Jesus.
  11. XIII Heartless


    Video: B*tch Get Off My Bus: Driver Uppercuts The Sh*t Outta Teen Girl In Cleveland! I've gotta say, I agree with the statement "ladies, don't put your hands on a man if you don't want to get hit like one." Everybody should keep their hands to themselves, but I see no reason why a man should...
  12. XIII Heartless

    Help/Support ► A Troubling Memory

    I'm coming here because of the (relative) anonymity of this forum. I just...kinda wanna get it out somewhere. Since high school, I've been bothered with this memory of an old family friend subjecting me to an...act of sorts when I was 6. When it first started to come to me a few years ago, I...
  13. XIII Heartless

    Tech ► iPhone 5

    Why tf isn't there a general smartphone thread or something already? Anyways: Liveblog: Apple Announces iPhone 5 | Gadget Lab | Wired.com This shit is glorious.
  14. XIII Heartless

    High Jump

    Is it just me that High Jump isn't working for for some reason? I equip it and Sora jumps no higher than he did with the regular jump.
  15. XIII Heartless

    Circle Pad Pro Controls

    For you Europeans with both the game and the Circle Pad Pro add-on, what exactly does the second analog pad control? The camera, or what? Trying to decide whether or not I should get it.
  16. XIII Heartless

    G4 Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review for 3DS - G4tv It's all coming together. Good reviews, got my 3DS today (black), KH Mark of Mastery and the guide all paid off…hell yuhh!!!
  17. XIII Heartless

    European Kingdom Hearts 3D TV Spot

    keSL01nliHc PLEASE tell me I'm not late on this.
  18. XIII Heartless

    TV ► Teen Titans Go!

    Comic-Con: Teen Titans Go! Not A Continuation of Original Series - IGN I don't....I can't.....what? If not for Young Justice, I'd be rioting this fucking instant.
  19. XIII Heartless

    IGN Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review

    Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance Review Coming Soon - IGN I guess it'll be up Tuesday afternoon. Wasn't expecting one that soon. The NA release is really upon us guys! *tries to ignore the bit about it being 18 days away* EDIT: BEWARE THE COMMENTS SECTION. A FEW SPOILERS ARE BOUNCING...
  20. XIII Heartless

    Slavery's Role in the Athleticism of African-Americans

    Michael Johnson says slavery descendants run faster because of I'll admit, I've often wondered the same thing, and I came to the same conclusion as Michael Johnson. I understand many Americans (white Americans especially) don't like to discuss the practices and times of the slave era as it's an...