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  1. *TwilightNight*


    Of course this would rise me out of my grave. Daughter Naminé continues to look ethereally beautiful and stunning. She looks great in the in-game engine. One of the best, if not the best, character models that transitioned well in KHIII. I'm a bit surprised. can they fix roxas
  2. *TwilightNight*

    Roxas and Naminè the MVPs

    While I'm trying to figure out what makes Roxas such a super duper secret (which I'm hoping isn't being a Nort, cause that in itself can be predictable), it's truthfully him who hasn't been fully shown. We've only seen the back of his head, dual wielding, and he may or may not be the one...
  3. *TwilightNight*

    ▄ The Roxas/Xion Hate Club ▄

    The place where you can express your dislike or lack of support for the Roxas/Xion pairing, I welcome you to: ▄ The Roxas/Xion Hate Club ▄ © Reika "I CAME FROM YOU AND SORA... I AM YOU.... ...THE SAME WAY I AM SORA". ▂AFFILIATES▂ {%}|<~THE Xion Critics and Lulz Club~>|{%} ~< The...
  4. *TwilightNight*

    Justin Bieber

    GaGa got her own prefix...? Anyway...this kid. Who randomly came from nowhere and now is big. I've noticed a trend on hating kid artists, whichever kid (even actors) or just kids in general, ever since Disney Stars started to cross our paths, despite that it isn't aimed at the majority of the...
  5. *TwilightNight*

    (SPOILERS) Roxas's Diary Entries

    Someone actually translated them, and it makes it so much worthwhile. Not anything new or so, but it's nice to see what he wrote with each event: 0kingdom_hearts: 358/2 Days: Roxas' Diary Apparently, the Secret Reports you get by the end of the game, and from what I read there, seems to be...
  6. *TwilightNight*

    ╬✖╬ The Roxas Fanclub ╬✖╬

    WELCOME TO: ╬✖╬ The Roxas Fanclub ╬✖╬ Banner: Reflection Section Tittles: Reflection and *Oathkeeper* ▀▄▀▄▀ Roxas (ロクサス, Rokusasu) Number XIII "Key Of Destiny" (めぐりあう鍵, "Meguriau Kagi", lit. "Happened-Upon Key") ▀▄▀▄▀ Affiliates ~ [♥] ~ The Organization XIII Fanclub ~ [♥] ~ The...
  7. *TwilightNight*

    |★| The Kairi Fanclub |★|

    Everyone, welcome to: |★|The Kairi Fanclub |★| Banner and Section Titles © Reflection |○| Through the hardships, and the tribulations that the fandom has given this girl... Amongst all the hatred... You still have your faithful fans... Who believe the best... Kairi, this is for...
  8. *TwilightNight*

    ∙:(♦):∙ The Larxene Fanclub ∙:(♦):∙

    Everyone, welcome to: ∙:(♦):∙ The Larxene Fanclub ∙:(♦):∙ Banner: Cinollex Section Titles: Reflection Because every day... ...is Larxene day. ∙:♦:∙ Larxene (ラクシーヌ, Rakushīnu) Number XII "The Savage Nymph" (非情の妖姫, "Hijō no Yōki", lit. "Callous Vixen") ∙:♦:∙ Affiliates ~ [♥]...
  9. *TwilightNight*

    Fanfiction ► ~♥~ A Cake Just For You ~♥~ (Larxel, one-shot)

    Okay, well! This is my first fanfiction that I ever posted here, and also the first time I ever done the characters in a Organization setting, which was difficult for me, since it's Axel baking a cake for Larxene. The theme was inspired by madammina for Larxel day, which is 12/8 [and I know is...
  10. *TwilightNight*

    ◄☼► The Axel Fanclub ◄☼►

    ◄☼► The Axel Fanclub ◄☼► Banner and Section Titles: Reflection .:. OLD THREAD (The Axel Fanclub 2.0) .:. ◄► Axel (アクセル, Akuseru) Number VIII "Flurry of Dancing Flames" (おどる火の風, "Odoru Hi no Kaze", lit. "Wind Of Dancing Flames") ◄► "Kioku shita ka" • • • "Got it memorized?"...
  11. *TwilightNight*

    Best Man For Larxene. Axel or Marluxia?

    Another random couple thread thing! YAY! Honestly, there's usually nothing much to respond on this side of the section, so I figured: why not have a somewhat popularity contest? Those like, "who do you prefer"? "What's the best Org. member"? Blah, and blah. Those things that pop up time to...
  12. *TwilightNight*

    How Do They Look Like (Org. XIII "Somebodies")

    Well, I just thought that since all the time people had made threads asking what the Org. XIII's original names were, I thought why not make a thread on what do you think their "original selves", look like. This is all opinion, of course, but I thought it will be nice to imagine what their hair...
  13. *TwilightNight*

    ,:*:. Axel FanClub 2.0 .:*:.

    Since a second Axel Fanclub was never made after the last on closed, and since I searched and there wasn't one, I decided to make the Axel love revive again!! .:*:. Axel Fanclub 2.0 .:*:. * I do not own this work, nor did I make it, I just found it. This would be a temporary banner until we...
  14. *TwilightNight*

    Marluxia vs. Axel

    I'm surprised I haven't found this. So who do you think can win this impressive battle between Nature and Fire? Marluxia or Axel? Personally, I go for Marluxia. He was so powerful Riku felt it in the lower levels of the castle. The short fight between them in Re: CoM also proved that Axel is...
  15. *TwilightNight*

    The Third Symbol Roxas Drew

    First, I don't know if anybody else pointed this out, so don't castrate me, I didn't know. Just close the thread or report it. Anyway, I was looking at scan on KHII Ultimania, and I was browsing Naminé's profile, and this is what I found: As it shows here, the third symbol that Roxas drew on...