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  1. Dogenzaka

    I've been here 10 years

    Hm. December 2005, I wandered on here to talk about the Deep Dive video and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 2. I joined some graphics clans and made sigs and AMVs. Made friends and enemies. This is my second account (shout-out to TwilightSoulKey/Silver Soul/Eclipse...my old account). Lots of...
  2. Dogenzaka

    Where is Gavin?

    I'm wanting to know how old KHI member Gavin is doing (from Australia). His facebook seems to be inactive and I know he was really sick last year with cystic fibrosis. Anyone kept up with him that knows how he's doing? http://forums.khinsider.com/members/gavin-138316.html His profile doesn't...
  3. Dogenzaka

    London Philharmonic Orchestra renditions of game music (includes KH)

    The Greatest Video Game Music 2: London Philharmonic Orchestra and Andrew Skeet: Amazon.co.uk: MP3 Downloads The LPO did some video game arrangements. So yeah, you can buy it on Amazon or listen to it on Spotify. Here are the tracks. Not sure if it's better off in VG section but I post it here...
  4. Dogenzaka

    Wii U Pre-E3 Blowout

    Nintendo Direct Pre E3 2011 Watch. Nintendo announces some things for WiiU: - A new integrated system that allows players to communicate with each other by leaving messages and hints for each other in games, which can be read like a facebook news feed, from any mobile device. -Miiverse -A...
  5. Dogenzaka

    Project M

    this shit is out (demo 2 at least) and it feels kupoing amazing. you all should download it NOW you'll need: -a 2GB or lower SD card - Smash Bros. Brawl - a Wii - a brain http://projectm.dantarion.com It works on wi-fi too, so we can play online. If you don't know what it is, I oughta post...
  6. Dogenzaka

    it's all about the heart

    so yeah I'm so damn busy I never have time to tag but today I was bored for a few hours so I tried some stuff. As some of you know, my monitor isn't perfectly calibrated so I don't know if the colors I see are the same hue as they should be but whatever. Probably not done with it, I'm just...
  7. Dogenzaka

    sooo I bought BBS at launch and just now beat it

    holy shit kingdom hearts redeemed you'd be surprised how much you forget after not caring about a game for about 1.5 years because you got busy with life. I couldn't remember the worlds or hardly anything I saw in the trailers (although I did know spoilers for the most part because it's...
  8. Dogenzaka


    I call it Fall because the guy's falling and it's Fall. lol. Also kind of inspired by Creation of Adam by Michelangelo. I couldn't decide whether I liked the color or b/w version better so I put both. Yeah the stock is a bit small compared to his surroundings, but any bigger and he would have...
  9. Dogenzaka

    KH2FM+ Finally Translated into ENGLISH

    Not sure if this was ever posted here, if so, my apologies, I just read about this. YOU NEED A COPY OF THE ACTUAL GAME TO GET THIS TO WORK, and a computer that can rip ISOs off PS2 DVDs Translation site w/ DL links: Xeeynamo's blog: Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix English/Italian translation...
  10. Dogenzaka


    holy bonk zb1Ee7awZes
  11. Dogenzaka

    Final Exams thread of I NEVER LEARNED THIS and dead week partying

    It's that time of the semester/year. My government final is tomorrow morning, and my other finals are in two weeks. Going to be studying my ass off for those. How are you guys coping? What are your plans for final studying? If you're in university/college and have "dead week", what are your...
  12. Dogenzaka

    blue turtle shellss

    can you take my blue turtle shell will you please look at my blue turtle shell nk2wViKSh_M
  13. Dogenzaka

    Help/Support ► My test...

    Sorry, guys, I'm just looking for some comfort/to see if anyone else has gone through some bad test experiences... I need all A's for the next 2 semesters to get into the major I want to do (biomedical engineering). I had three exams the past two days. I haven't slept in about that long...
  14. Dogenzaka

    Help/Support ► Someone at the door....

    So it's 11PM at my place, and I was watching Across the Universe. I didn't really have it up loud at all, and unless the walls of this place are made of shit, my neighbors shouldn't have been able to hear me or my faint singing to the tunes. I pause the movie to take a phone call. 10 minutes...
  15. Dogenzaka

    Red - Until We Have Faces

    Red's new album came out today. It's $5.99 at Best Buy until the end of the week. So good. Easily one of my favorite Christian artists. MJwegGUw_P8 my favorite song so far: n5pzjvYuOOI
  16. Dogenzaka

    Rilez (my friend)

    I'm normally not an obnoxious marketer but a friend of mine named Riley released an EP in December and I think it's really good. He's a great musical artist. It's kind of soft alternative acoustic stuff. But it's really neat in my opinion. Rilez - Download Rilez Music on iTunes If you're...
  17. Dogenzaka

    PSP2 details leak from newspaper, more info coming January 27th

    Well Sony is having its first true PlayStation event since 2005 on January 27th, so we'll know more about the PSP2 then, but a Japanese newspaper (Nikkei) has leaked some neat new info in the meantime. PSP2 to Have 3G Support, Arrives This Year (andriasang.com, 01.24.2011) -It will provide 3G...
  18. Dogenzaka

    Speed sketch

    Sketched from a photograph. Ballpoint pen. 45 minutes. This was fun and challenging because she was upside down and because the pen forced me to be careful. Here's the original photograph. All sizes | Amanda | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
  19. Dogenzaka

    Hawaii can't find Obama's actual birth certificate, worries arise for 2012 election

    Hawaii governor can't find Obama birth certificate It's too long to quote the whole thing.
  20. Dogenzaka

    tick-tock wallpaper pressie for KHeart

    KHeart requested something with this stock, so I got bored and decided to do my first wallpaper (a small one at that) in probably 1-2 years. I was inspired by time, and how quickly it goes by. Ironic that I did it when I had a whole lot of it. More angle experimentation.