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  1. Victor

    can all the awards be small again

    no :)
  2. Victor

    Thoughts on a Final Mix?

    yr welcome my man
  3. Victor

    Thoughts on a Final Mix?

    it's 2019 we can just use the internet to deliver new content
  4. Victor

    Help/Support ► Image Hosting sites. Trying to help everyone in this case.

    they don't allow revenge porn or child porn which are vastly different than regular pornography and they do allow you to host things that you're selling?
  5. Victor

    Help/Support ► Image Hosting sites. Trying to help everyone in this case.

    this entire post could've been summed up by saying "use imgur.com for everything" and sidenote: it does not require an account and yes it does allow pornography
  6. Victor

    10 years

    diddly .
  7. Victor

    Help/Support ► Question about ethernet cables

    If possible send a picture of the modem set up, you could cable the router into the house from the modem.
  8. Victor

    Help/Support ► Question about ethernet cables

    okay first let me clear up how the fuck an internet connection actually works you have a modem which connects to your cable line and receives internet this is where your magical internet comes from your router is plugged into this to make your internet ~wireless~ many cables companies will make...
  9. Victor

    Help/Support ► Acne

    I don't have acne but I use cold water because warm / hot water is basically murder on your skin
  10. Victor

    Help/Support ► I attempted suicide today

    Call a suicide prevention lifeline: Austria Suicide Hotlines - Suicide.org! Austria Suicide Hotlines, Austria Suicide Hotlines, Austria Suicide Hotlines, Austria Suicide Hotlines! (this is for Austria- your location) Locate a crisis center and visit one: International Association for Suicide...
  11. Victor

    Help/Support ► Want tech help? Here's some information to provide us, so we don't have to ask.

    https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/3296214?hl=en and hp is shit windows defender / mse with malwarebytes is all you need
  12. Victor

    Help/Support ► Does drool ruin clothing?

    i just want to be clear i was not making a kingdom hearts reference
  13. Victor

    Help/Support ► Does drool ruin clothing?

    unless you're a fucking acid spitting hydra i think you'll be okay
  14. Victor

    Help/Support ► Advice?

    diversify your interests past "liking kingdom hearts"
  15. Victor

    Help/Support ► NO MORE! WHY DO PEOPLE HATE ME?!

    this is like the definition of high-school drama fuck those people, do what you want.
  16. Victor

    Help/Support ► Ideal converter for LGL33L Phone?

    Just use the VLC media player, should have a codec for most files so you shouldn't need to convert anything.
  17. Victor

    Help/Support ► PCSX2 Help?

    So, your computer is pretty weak. If it's capable of emulation at all you'll likely have to crank the settings way down. You'll want to basically want to switch to a DX11 graphics plugin and turn basically everything you can as low as possible and/or way down. Specifically things like...
  18. Victor

    Help/Support ► PCSX2 Help?

    hit windows + r type dxdiag and hit enter screenshot the first tab and the display 1 tab
  19. Victor

    Help/Support ► PCSX2 Help?

    What are your computer specs?
  20. Victor

    Help/Support ► What smartphone did you sell your soul to

    I'm still using my Galaxy S3. Don't really use my phone all that much so haven't had a reason to upgrade.