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  1. Just Dari

    Original ► Appel 16

    >>Inspiration source<< Appel 16 They could never be me, never peep what i've peeped never felt what i've felt but say to my face "whats that supposed to mean?" I be coming at them jokingly, but they get up in arms resultantly Got it backwards more importantly, burning bridges as they spoke...
  2. Just Dari

    Gameplay Optimization/Feature Suggestions Thread

    Having sat down for an extended period with the game I'm sure we all have a list of things we personally feel could likely improve the play experience. Feel free to drop your list below, but here's mine as follows. -Map Gummi Phone Camera to L2/Left Trigger It's an unused button and would...
  3. Just Dari

    Fanfiction ► Memories are [NOT] Resolute

    Memories are [NOT] Resolute [3 year precursor story to Trust is [NOT] Resolute] Memory Fragment: The First Encounter [ALL] .... This is awkward. .... None of them are talking. .... "OKAY!" "Ahem." The grasslands were vivid in color, a lush green landscape coasting from the slightest...
  4. Just Dari

    LoC's Guide To The Omniverse 3.0 (Repost)

    I was poking around the forum and found Kegan's old Guide and thought I would share it. LoC's Guide To Role-Playing This is for newbs, n00bs, and experienced Role-Players alike. So pay attention. (Note: To get to a certain section, press Ctrl+F and then type in one of the sections, 0.1...
  5. Just Dari

    Message #1

    *KICKS DOOR OPEN* Tumble and drop. It's what you wanted isn't it? Not to be a coward, anyone's object or property to feel powerful -- to feel more than what you are worthy, worth more than all of us put together so you right stories, many of them all the master the art of persuasion...
  6. Just Dari

    Poetry ► Kingdom Hearts Haikus [5/7/5]

    Sup Creative Writing? Challenge. Write and post a kingdom hearts haiku in this thread, can be from the games, the lore, fanfictions, or spin-offs like AU role-plays even. With Kingdom Hearts III literally coming out next year after so many years, well I really feeling like writing about it...
  7. Just Dari

    Kingdom Hearts Fans I'm looking directly At YOU

  8. Just Dari

    Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    Trust is [NOT] Resolute [post-apocalyptic kingdom hearts roleplay] [GM(s): Dari, purgatory, Lumine] [Link to Sign-Ups] ∞ - Luxu's Prelude Destiny islands was the very first Harrowed End that billowed into existence. This prompted the end of days, and from that inverted world did a...
  9. Just Dari

    Closed Trust is [NOT] Resolute

    Trust is [NOT] Resolute [post-apocalyptic kingdom hearts roleplay] [GM(s): Dari, purgatory, Lumine] [post date: August 26, 2018] [start date: Sept 5, 2018] [link to roleplay] 「prologue」 Hey there, it's nice to meet you. My name is The Master of Masters, I am the man that exists at...
  10. Just Dari

    5 vs. Me [Battle Thread]

    [See original thread here] Battle Location + Theme + Rules: Fight Club https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dC1yHLp9bWA Judges: -Skitty Cat -Deimos Combatants: -Dari & Meow Wow Location: See Video^ 0:00 - 1:30 Uriel was a senior in high school, bit of a problem child for some. She was...
  11. Just Dari

    5 vs. Me

    KHInsider Roleplaying section. You no longer have a battle-section anymore so this will have to do, i'm bringing battles back bitches. Host/Challenger -Dari Opponents 1. Meow Wow 2. 3. 4. 5. Judge(s) -Deimos -Skitty Cat My Conditions-Characters used will be strictly human. No magic, no...
  12. Just Dari

    The Real reaction to Aqua in 1 video

    Entire KH Fanbase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FljGi6jzDmM
  13. Just Dari

    KHI: Stay Connected Through Socials Thread

    In the post-social media boom KHInsider, nearly everyone is using some kind of social media. Let me try to reduce finding people when they stop posting or go inactive on here. Please think of this thread as both a resource for the members and optional contribution to the site and staying...
  14. Just Dari

    ♫Discord America♪

    Just a disclaimer I speak of the black experience with spotless credit scores tracked by experian So many fail to understand where we stand as minorities When your presence speaks silently in the face of the majority We been treated horribly and re-enact stereotypes abhorrently People say...
  15. Just Dari

    Poetry ► Ears Open

    In the heat of the moment I stand alone Loved ones dead, passed away and gone Felt the weight of world, messed up n wrong I fought through a sea of what felt like endless tears Suffered for what scaled up through countless tiers Swam through it all before I let myself drown in fear Sad day in...
  16. Just Dari

    thoughts when your twenty-seven

    The thinning of the air as the wind fluttered with a whisp. It spoke only the word of a single breath and eyes widened with realization. I was but a man that had fallen asleep, curled by the blades of grass that comforted me with tender touch. The cool sensation of morning dew, the chirping...
  17. Just Dari

    [Shoutcast] Vol. I

    Chuman - 2008 was the was ending of what old cheeses called the golden age And it was at this point in history Chihuahuaman stepped into the game Everybody was quick to disrespect this boy name Moderation pranks on him boy shit is all the same You don't know this man from Adam or any of the...
  18. Just Dari

    Fanfiction ► Solace in Night

    ​Solace in Night a kingdom hearts fanfiction Original Canon by Piercing Light Character Profiles Characters posted in the 2nd&3rd threads will be added as the story unfolds. Prologue About twenty years ago, the king of Radiant Garden gathered a team of apprentices. These...
  19. Just Dari

    Ansem The Rhyme

    Ansem They call me Ansem the Rhyme, i'll seek all the answers with time This guardian heartless rides, side by side till I die in my prime Knowledge and all I sought was a lie, traded my entire life to survive Within the realm of darkness alive, watching this kid named "sky" (Sora) Xehanort...
  20. Just Dari

    BlackLivesMatter. Lets Hear Your POV

    DISCLAIMER: The forums a couple years ago has had multiple conversations about "the N-word" well fast forward to 2016 mostly allocated in the United States. Where issues regarding race, social injustice, and equality at essentially all at their boiling points. The purpose of the Opening Post...