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    so I think we can all agree that microsoft won this year's e3 by a landslide........and here's why

    lmfao just kidding what the fuck is going on with this company. so sad
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    Help/Support ► I honestly need help :(

    I honestly have no idea who you are.
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    Help/Support ► Adoration: A Blessing or a Curse?

    Hahaha, I'm just fucking with you man...don't mean to marginalize your feelings at all.
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    Help/Support ► Impossible situation ***= my university

    This isn't your blog. And all the bitching in the world won't bring your sister back to life.
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    I know it's okay to masturbate, but is it gay if I suck my own dick??? Please respond.

    This question has been keeping me awake at night.
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    Help/Support ► So Sad... Even as an adult...

    Why don't you wear none at all?
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    I think it's time to get it all out.

    I've had a presence in this community for nearly a decade now. Whatever you want to say about me, any everybody seems to have something to say, you're going to find that not many people are willing to vouch for my kindness. My reputation is a bit muddy, I know. Even if some people have...
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    Help/Support ► Not good enough.

    If you tether your sense of self worth to someone else's opinions and expectations, you are setting yourself up for a lifetime of unhappiness. If I've learned nothing else in my life, I've learned that.
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    Help/Support ► Need to get taller. :o

    Going by the Mother's Height + Father's Height + 5 ÷ 2 rule, I should be 5'10''. I'm 5'6''. So, you have my condolences about being fucked in the gene pool. I can relate, but I'd encourage you not to worry about it.
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    I hate all the things you love

    This one is probably going to cost me a few rep points, but here it goes: I hate Jon Stewart. Why does everybody adore this hack? He’s not funny and he’s not clever. He’s just a hypocritical bitch. Yes, he eviscerated Jim Cramer, but if you’ve ever seen him with a guest who actually puts up...
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    Help/Support ► I feel bad...I want to hurt my new puppy

    Oh, and real talk, it's REALLY rude/irresponsible/thoughtless of your mom to bring home a new pet without consulting or informing anyone else in the household.
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    Help/Support ► I feel bad...I want to hurt my new puppy

    It's spelled 'logistics', and I don't think that it means what you think it means.
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    Help/Support ► What is Normal?

    No, son. Talking about your desires and expectations for a relationship is never a mistake. If you want to make a relationship work, you need to put everything out in the open. I don't think these are small issues. From the sound of it, you are two very different people with different...
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    Help/Support ► Well shit...

    This is where I stopped reading, because I felt like I had learned enough. You do not need this girl in your life. Walk away.
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    Sam Critiques Your Photos Because You're A Fat Disgusting Pile of Shit

    ahahahahaah it's like jezza but with 20% more body fat who talked you into getting that haircut? somebody who hates you? it's like you're cosplaying as humpty dumpty nice chinstrap, btw, it totally doesn't frame your face awkwardly and make your head look like an egg or maybe you don't...
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    Help/Support ► For my sixteenth B-Day...

    No self respecting male should ever use those three words in that particular order. EVER.
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    Help/Support ► Tonsiliths

    I've known tonsillectomies to be performed because of recurrent tonsil stones before. Like any form of surgical intervention, it's usually reserved as a last resort, but don't necessarily rule it out as a treatment option. Btw, your tonsils are basically vestigial organs -- you really don't...