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  1. matrix8140

    Anime/Manga ► World Trigger (We have a Preview of the Anime!)

    World Trigger (Welp, Manga > Anime) Anybody reads World Trigger? It's a new manga in Shonen Jump with tactical battles, although they've just started happening around chapter 26, and some slight gore due to the characters using fake bodies in combat. I do believe that the fake bodies won't...
  2. matrix8140

    Help/Support ► Website Trouble

    Well I usually go to this website everyday. Since yesterday however I can't get into it. All of the people that I know say that it works fine. And It works great on other computers? Can anyone give me a reason why this is happening, and a solution to this problem?
  3. matrix8140


    Homefront Video Game, E3 2010: Debut Interview | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com Basically Korea is back with a big uknowut and is ready to screw us. We aren't a super power no more, civllians=soldiers and Korea have invaded us. Discuss this game here.
  4. matrix8140


    I just feel like writing some bars. I'm the bonding of the theory of evolution/Mixed with retribution/That and Man's conclusion/And rolling models contribution/Watching the grass for snakes like Adam/Full of positives, surrounded by negatives, the human atom/See some teachers can ignore the...
  5. matrix8140

    What The Hell is a Jay Electronica?

    The Man behind the mystery? Who is the artist?
  6. matrix8140

    Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura

    Anyone seen this show? Its about conspiracy theories. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conspiracy_Theory_(TV_series) This would be the thread to discuss it.
  7. matrix8140

    Multiplayer for KH3?

    Do you think KH3 will have multiplayer? In recent games multiplayer has been a mode so its possible that Nomura might add it. Also if he did, how would you like it to work? Assuming if you want it.
  8. matrix8140

    Schools shown in the Media

    I couldn't think of a better title at the time, but does anyone else school gets shown as "bad" in the media? Yesterday my school had some fights occur round the same time(This includes food fights btw). The news end up talking about it as if it was really a big deal. Too the students in the...
  9. matrix8140

    Dragon Ball Online(Website Included)

    ³Ý¸¶ºí - µå·¡°ïº¼ ¿Â¶óÀÎ, ½Ã°£ÀÇ ±Õ¿­ Any one heard of this? They have been working on this for a long time. Finally they show more gameplay. The story and models are made by the creator of the series. Heres some information: Dragon Ball Online - Dragon Ball Wiki - Shonen Jump, Goku, Vegeta...
  10. matrix8140

    Matrix VS Endless Sora(winner has been decided)

    Well its basically a rap battle between me and Endless Sora Here are the rules We each go three times. After the last time, a poll will be put up. It will have a time lmit, no longer than a week. There will be atleast 16 lines. When your cast your vote you should be voting on the following...
  11. matrix8140

    A prequel for a Prequel?

    If the game doesn't explain exatcly how the keyblades are made, and the history(atleast some) of the masters and students could there be another prequel? Very Random but seeing how there will be plenty plot holes opened up(after a few close), it kinda makes since to ask.
  12. matrix8140

    Kingroy- Unstoppable

    Yes i'm a rapper but I asked that you don't look at my genre but look at my lyrics. I call myself many names, but i'm mostly known as Kingroy. I consider myself an artists. You might not feel the same, but we all have opinions. These lyrics are just my verse from unstoppable. Which would be the...
  13. matrix8140


    Why exactly do people steal styles from other people?? You know why do copy cats...copy big stars. Too me its really stupid. Also why does style matter when it comes to a person? When he dress a certain way it makes girls like him more or less or vice versa. And what the hell is up with fads...
  14. matrix8140

    Story character help

    Okay im typing a new story on super "zeroes". I need some more character ideas to make it great. Theres a few different group you can choose from. 1.Super Heroes: Super heroes are not free any more. They want money for the feats they do. Usually the government pays them or a rich corporation...
  15. matrix8140

    The N word

    What are your thoughts on this word? Personally I think it can be used in four ways: 1.Racism 2.Ignorant 3.Intellegent 4.Friendly I believe it depends on how you you use it.
  16. matrix8140

    A theory ??

    I don't know if this was already thought up but.... What if Terra lose his heart or body some how (im thinking from trying to follow MX into kingdom hearts), and when this happen MX stole his body because he needed to survive or become stronger. So when that happen MX lost his memories and went...
  17. matrix8140

    R.I.P. Hip-hop ?

    Is hip-hop really dead. we do have some emcees like cool kids and Mikey Facts that make good music but are they enough to keep it alive. Exactly who killed hip-hop soulja boy or those other fake rappers? And why those hip-hop has such a bad name now a days. With that I leave you to discussion...