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  1. Crimson Crusader

    Reborn again (Open challenge)

    I haven't role-played in some time so I'm a bit rusty so don't go to hardcore on me lol. I'll make a temp soon.
  2. Crimson Crusader


    finally...no no no....Finally!...nope that's not right. *clears throat* FINALLY!!! :) CRIMSON CRUSADER HAS COME BACK...TO KHINSIDER! Which means, FINALLY CRIMSON CRUSADER HAS COME BACK................HOME!!!! Now ya see, I've come back for a few reasons. 1. I'm bored and need some place to...
  3. Crimson Crusader

    Help/Support ► LGBTQA

    LGBTQA Forums Stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trans-gender Questioning/Queer and Allies. If you support LGBTQA, please join up! Tell us about your experiences, if your curious to what you are, want support in anything LGBT wise you are more then welcome to share your stories with us. NO BASHING...
  4. Crimson Crusader

    This crimson flame just burns out...

    I have put some thought into it and i have come to the conclusion that i will be taking my leave here...maybe forever, I'm not fully sure yet. I just got BBS (beat it already) and i don't want too many spoilers. I see them EVERYWHERE i go! It's annoying. Plus due to personal reasons i am also...
  5. Crimson Crusader

    Organization Over XIII [Sign-ups ~ OOC Thread]

    Okay, this is my first attempt at an RP. Story takes place during KH1 but without Sora and friends. Since Organization XIII has been around for sometime, they had the opportunity to seek out the seven princesses of heart. In KH1 Maleficent and her minions try to capture the princesses to open...
  6. Crimson Crusader

    Help/Support ► What shoud i do?

    Ok i've had this problem for a while now, i've just been ignoring it. Now i've been thinking it's time to settle it...help?! Well i've been crazy in love with this girl for a little over a year now. Her name's Amanda. Me and her are really perfect together. No fights, no break-ups, just...
  7. Crimson Crusader

    RP Help?

    Well i got this idea from a friend on another forum, then it crashed. So i wanna continue this RP somewhere else, but i don't really have an idea on how to do it, so i come to you for help: I don't really have a set story just yet, but i'm working on it...anyways, You can either play as a...
  8. Crimson Crusader

    Well...i'm back (again)

    Thats right, i've come back to see whats up with y'all from the internet. (not that i like it here) Its great to be back after how long? Lets see if anyone missed (or even gives a damn bout me) since i left!
  9. Crimson Crusader

    Merry un-birthday to you...i mean me ^^

    Yeah yeah, it's my birthday...or at least it was yesterday but i didn't get the chance to come on and celibrate it with all my KHI pals and amigo's...well, i"ll take my presents and cake now ^^
  10. Crimson Crusader

    Back...back again!!

    Hey-yo my KHInsider friends im back after a *counts on fingers* 2-3 month break from here due to no internet and the school's computer would'nt allow it. So i found a little cheat and i came back here HAHA. So what have i missed?
  11. Crimson Crusader

    Battle of greatness(Challenge to King Sora X)

    Hey KSX im bored as hell, wanna fight, yes good okay :lol: you know what to do post a temp il post mine, we fight blah blah blah.....
  12. Crimson Crusader

    ~The most fantabulous Puddle Jumper fanclub~

    Puddle Jumper a.k.a Jimmy is one hell of a guy that isint well known around KHI, well time for that to change. Isint it? If you love this guy, like him, or even know him you have to join this FC right NOW!!! Leader and founder (Degenerate of Darkness) Lord and Master(Puddle Jumper) Members: xx...
  13. Crimson Crusader

    Back so you better wear a helmet

    Hey KHI im back after a month or so from being banned. Im sorry for what i did and i promise nothing like it will happen again. Well im here, not there so welcome me back, grab a peice of cake and chilax ^___^
  14. Crimson Crusader

    Trainnig session(Challenge to brotherdc)

    Ok we said we would battle and now. I will teach you the ways of battling young one lol. Post a character and i will post mine.
  15. Crimson Crusader

    ~~The Magnificent qster Fanclub!!!!!~~

    Here is one great guy, he is smart and tallented as hell. and if you :heart:him as much as i do (Like a brother or sister...maybe more) then youve come to the right place Qster's Fanclub!!!! All are welcome to join! DarkGuardian44(Owner and founder) Qster(Master of FC) Members: Ami-Chan...
  16. Crimson Crusader

    Rematch and death match (Challenge to Deaddude15)

    Hey you might have won our last fight but not this time around, you shall not walk of here breathing Post your tep and face me like the woman...i mean man you are xD Btw its a two on two battle. Two of your temps vs two of mine. Once one character is dead they cannot be brought back yo life...
  17. Crimson Crusader

    The Start of something New(Challenge to CuteChic4Eva)

    Hey CC4E i have been lurking over the battle between you and DD15 and you have caught my interests. I wanna fight you insteed of watching.
  18. Crimson Crusader

    The Super Fantastic Fanclub of xx kairi xx

    This Fanclub is for all friends and foes alike who know xx kairi xx THE xx Kairi xx FANCLUB!!!!! ALL ARE WELCOME TO JOIN!! Members: DarkGuardian44(Founder) xx kairi xx(of course) Daisuke_X(Hugable Squishy) roxas001(Marky-Chan) King Sora X(Pimpmaster) Ringleader Man(Circus man)...
  19. Crimson Crusader


    Hey i got into them a while back ago and i think they are great. My favs are Indestructable, Inside the fire, ant The Night what about all of you people? Discuss
  20. Crimson Crusader

    What did you pick?

    In the beginning of KH1 you have the option of picking to keep the sword, the rod, or the shield and then sacrificing one. Which did you keep and which did you sacrifice? as for me i kept the Sword and sacrificed the Rod.