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  1. Chaos

    The True Soul

    Prologue: Moving into to this town I thought things would be just average. It was my final year of high school, things should be going by like a breeze, right? But I guess its true what people say, "Once your a senior everything changes". Now I just wish I wasn't in this mess, but yet something...
  2. Chaos

    Kingdom Hearts: Breaking the Door(Signups and OOC)

    {A rp created by a collaboration of NightmareZero, Tenyas and Chaos.} The Worlds haven't always had Walls. The Legends haven't always been Myth. Light and Dark once worked together, bound by Neutrality. Three of us stand tall in this time of peace, behind us the fruit of our generation...
  3. Chaos

    I guess I have to do this myself.

    Well if you all don't know, which some of you do if you know who I'm talking about XD. Today is my birthday. Yep I turned 17 and boy do I feel kinda old. XD
  4. Chaos

    Harmony of Chaos

    _____________________________________________________________________________________ The city of Shenmor was having their traditional festival today. It was made to celebrate the creation of the city. The festival came every year and out of all those years not rain nor snow would cancel...
  5. Chaos

    Harmony of Chaos [Sign ups & OOC Thread]

    [It has returned and I'm very glad it has. We're starting over and were going all the way to the end and this baby isn't going to die. No way I'm going to let it die again. I'd like to thank Sparks my lovely vice president for helping bring this rp back.] Now Welcome to: Even in the...
  6. Chaos


    So basically I'll be leaving to a trip tomorrow and return next tuesday. So this means I won't be able to post in the rps I'm in. Once I come back I'll post in each and every one of them. So yeah since I won't be able to post this tomorrow, why not post it today. Anyway everyone have a nice week ^^
  7. Chaos

    One year. I think lol

    So yeah I been here for one year....I think. Anyway beens good, bad, and so on and so forth. But I got to say I like this forums and all the friends I made on it. *Holds fancy glass that holds fruit punch* Here more to come my forums brothers and sisters. *Drinks glass of fruit punch and...
  8. Chaos

    Rp ideas yet again and a revial of a rp

    Two rp ideas and one revival. 1: Let me start of the revival first. If some of you remember I had a rp called Hsrmony of Chaos. Which sadly die. Anyway I'll be bringing it back and starting a new leaf with it. Meaning I'm going to start it over, but wait... I'll won't just start it over I'll...
  9. Chaos

    keychains meaning

    Okay this is probably been asked before. Anyway I'm confused how come TAV have keyblades with keychains now but, not before. There is probably a simple answer to this but, I don't know it. I bet I'm going to get flame but, who cares I still want a answer lol. Does it have to do that they are...
  10. Chaos

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts The Chronicle of Xehanort (A Master Xehanort Fan Fic)

    Yeah I was thinking of making a fan fic about Master Xehanort doing his day as a young keyblade master. Of course this will include Master Eraqus and I'll add some Final Fantasy characters that I think should be there during his time. Since I haven't play BBS there shouldn't be any spoilers...
  11. Chaos

    Rp Idea

    Okay I was thinking of a original rp. I have a plot in mind well I show a preview here and see what you guys think. The Pact: The government took over our freedom when the beings we call pact beast came to our world. War rage about from all the corners of the world. From the north, to the...
  12. Chaos

    ninja like rp

    okay i was thinking of some kinda of ninja rp. its still in the thinking stage just wanted to know if anyone interested in a ninja rp. before anyone starts asking for the plot like i said still in a thinking stage and no its not going to be like naruto lol
  13. Chaos

    Guess who is back in the driver seat

    lol well i'm back my brothers and sisters of KHI i know i was miss lol anyway don't ask how my christmas went because it was alittle boring and i had to buy myself something anyway glad to be back home where i belong. ANYWAY I HOPE EVERYONE HAD A GREAT CHRISTMAS OR WHATEVER HOLIDAY THEY...
  14. Chaos

    Might not be here that much

    won't be on till at least Saturday because i;m going to to my dad's house for christmas anyway just to say that later dudes till i get back no rushing me in the rps got it people lol. Happy holidays guys
  15. Chaos


    I been very busy and been behind so much. I get on real late and barely have anytime sometimes. And some rps I'm in i keep getting left behind now i must know if my fellow brothers and sisters of khinsder want me to stay. I know i don't want to leave but, i might actually have to.
  16. Chaos

    no rush

    Alright my buds of khinsides i have to tell you this since i'm mostly busy these days i can't do everything you want. meaning my story and rps. don't blame me if i post to late because i come home pretty late since school and plus work. if i don't come on sometimes then don't be surprise i won't...
  17. Chaos

    Fanfiction ► Halo's Wing

    Alright this is a story base alittle on final fantasy 8. You didn't have to play the game to read the story so guys chill out okay. And no there shouldn't be that much Final Fantasy cameos. Or will it lol Anyway here is the plot and also the cast list. most of characters will be some of my...
  18. Chaos

    Happy birthday to Ember

    yeah today is the day or was it yesterday. Inner Chaos: I think its today Outer Chaos: I hope it is or were in trouble Reaper Chaos: don't you mean Chaos is in trouble me: *gulp* ANYWAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE HOT AND SPICY EMBER LOL
  19. Chaos

    Magna Carta 2

    Lots probably heard or didn't heard it. But its a pretty good game. The battle system pretty awesome and the game mix with World of war Craft and some Star Ocean. I bought on Tuesday And it is epicness.
  20. Chaos

    won't be here dudes

    okay people i won't be here on the weekends. i'm going to my father's house and i'll be back on Sunday morning don't be surprise if i don't show up okay. my rp buddies if you need to post real badly and if my character needs to be move then control him or her or what ever lol so yeah thats...