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  1. Leonard

    Xehanort in LoD - probably quite late with this question

    Was there ever any official information given as to why Young Xehanort confronted Aqua/Ventus/Terra in the Land of Departure? How does this tie in with the plans detailed in DDD? It's all canon after all. Apparently he's also shown walking toward the castle once one defeats him. I am confus. :l
  2. Leonard

    Couple of plot questions - oh god my brain hurts :I

    Heyo, so I recently finished the game and holy balls did it take me some time (and multiple khwiki-entries) to wrap my head around the plot. The last time I had to spend this much time on an ending was Bioshock Infinite. =_=' There are still some things I haven't quite found an answer for yet...
  3. Leonard

    Birth By Sleep - Unplayable Worlds (slight spoilers)

    I do hope nobody posted it yet, but I found this neat little video here today on YouTube: wp1IiVpRMXM It's not too exciting for those who have already completed and know all the cutscenes, but it does have some really juicy bits going for it. It explores Destiny Islands' Town quite a bit for...
  4. Leonard

    Japanese Subtitled Cutscenes

    I've been looking through a few sites like Youtube the past few days, hoping to find a place where I can watch the Japanese cutscenes of the game with subtitles and with a somewhat decent quality. Of course I've been able to find one or two channels on Youtube, but as I watched those, I noticed...
  5. Leonard

    Infinity Blade

    Infinity Blade Video Game, Exclusive Debut Trailer HD | Video Clip | Game Trailers & Videos | GameTrailers.com So uh, I'll admit that I don't know shit about the technology in Apple's iOS devices. But holy shit, this is unbelievable.
  6. Leonard

    Looking for a specific interview with Nomura concerning Hearts and Bodies

    I'm looking for that one interview where Nomura stated how a person could become whole again after being split into Heartless and Nobody. He said there that, if the Heartless would perish before the Nobody did, that the person would somehow be able to reappear. Does anybody have a link for that...
  7. Leonard

    Happy Birthday, Macabre!

    (thought Jenni wanted to make this, but seems it didn't work out, so I went ahead) Well, it's Macabre's birthday, and he's 14 today (although the forum says something else). SO LET'S GIVE HIM A BIG FLAMBOYANT HUG SHALL WE Happy Birthday, you tosser. <3
  8. Leonard

    Social Networking (Facebook, Myspace,...), opinions/experiences etc.

    I'm doing a research paper in my English major course in school, dealing with social networking sites and their impact on today's everyday life. For those who aren't familiar with the term "social networking site"; this is the common word for sites like Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. All the...
  9. Leonard

    Japanese Translation Guides

    Pardon if this is the wrong section, but I don't post here too often, so I just decided to take a chance and throw it in here. >_> I will probably import the Japanese version of BBS in a few days, mainly because I do not at all trust the immersion-killing voice acting of the English one, and...
  10. Leonard

    Happy Birthday Crimson

    Turned 17 just today. Happy Birthday dear! <3
  11. Leonard

    Jason Mraz

    ZexRckf75OY Jason Mraz - Plane Jason Mraz - Song for a Friend This guy is amazing, simply amazing. The first time I heard his song "Mr. Curiosity" (the above one), I instantly fell in love with his music and his easygoing style. Anybody else here listen to his stuff?
  12. Leonard

    oh hey lol

    Google I like Google's new look. Hope I'm not the only one seeing this. >.>
  13. Leonard

    Episode 8 - How much spoiling exactly?

    Yeah, what the title says. So erm, the translation doesn't really look too long from what I saw from Lissar's post in the new Episode 8 thread. Are there really these kind of spoilers that would ruin the whole Birth By Sleep experience for an "uneducated one" or are they really just minor...
  14. Leonard

    Reverse/Rebirth Riku's Final Battle Theme

    I don't know, I just can't seem to find this thing anywhere, especially not on any of the soundtracks. Such a great theme, it's really a pity. :l Anyhow, I thought, since I haven't been able to find anything on it myself, I'd ask here. Is there anybody here who knows the name of the theme, or...
  15. Leonard

    "Why? Why do you have the Keyblade?" (SPOILERS >_>)

    So yeah, I just completed the game and have to say, SE did manage to tie 358/2 days' ending in with KH2's scenes pretty well. But the last conversations between Roxas and Riku confuse me a little. Riku acts so much like Roxas is a complete stranger to him, yet he had all this time before where...
  16. Leonard

    Other Wii import enablers?

    Have there been any other methods found after the Wii Freeloader got kicked out with the new firmware update? Preferably one without having to mod the console itself? I heard that some Wii games would be released as region free games in future, but apparently not all. So it would be good to...
  17. Leonard

    Trying to be like others.

    Peer-pressure, fear of abnormality, whatever you want to call it. This problem started for me only recently and it's a habit I've been desperately trying to kick ever since. I feel like I'm starting to lose control over myself, like I'm only a pawn that can't think for itself anymore. I see...
  18. Leonard

    Wrist-Mounted Flame Throwers

    Wrist-Mounted Flame Throwers is Today's BIG Thing in Technology - SEP 04, 2009 Now if only one could do Hadoukens with these somehow. :c
  19. Leonard

    Section 8

    Video Review Wikipedia Page Looks like a fun title, albeit a little bit clichè'd. :/ The jetpacking and running looks great though. Definitely one of South Peak's better games.
  20. Leonard

    Jack Thomson's debate at SGC

    SGC 2009 - The Debate Unedited | ScrewAttack.com Jack Thompson participated in this debate at an event called the "Screwattack Gaming Convention" by the video game site screwattack.com. And I have to say, it changed my view on him. While he is always portrayed as an eccentric big kid who can't...