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  1. Pelafina

    One Decade

    Hi there folks. Today marks ten years since I signed up for this wonderful place. I doubt most of you all remember me, and I haven't been active hardly at all for years and years, but once in a while it's nice to pop in and see what's going on. This forum and these people have been important...
  2. Pelafina

    My Great Life Experiment-

    My adventures after disappearing from this forum in the summer of 2010 are largely over, and have finally brought me somewhere with internet access. You may or may not remember me as reading a lot of books and confusing people with no understanding of sarcasm. I will answer questions or...
  3. Pelafina

    An Explanation of My Absence

    So to everyone that I talk to, and all of the discussions I used to be in a bit, I realize that in the last few months I have been almost completely gone from here. (and I decided, like everyone else, that I didn't like it. We always come back though.) It's just been a busy couple of months...
  4. Pelafina

    I'm Homeless!

    So today I got kicked out, and I have several places to stay, but for the next eight or so hours I am technically homeless. Tell me some neat things to do.
  5. Pelafina


    do you ever find yourself fervently hating cops? is your closet full of illegal automatic firearms? are you frequently called a 'nigga' as a term of endearment by friends? if so, i have the music group for you! check out compton's own n.w.a. (short for 'niggaz with attitude'), where you're...
  6. Pelafina

    Lit ► Crime and Punishment

    I am in the middle of this novel right now, and it is honestly one of the most excellent things I've ever read. The characterization is excellent, the language is simple enough, but effective, philosophies and ideas are expressed subtlety but well, etc. I'll try not to praise it overly in here...
  7. Pelafina

    Lit ► On the Road

    Another novel that I've been trying to get a copy of for ages, and finally have. It was definitely worth the wait for it. I'm halfway through this as well, but I'm not unduly concerned about spoilers, so just don't give too much away. There are a few things that I really enjoy about this...
  8. Pelafina

    Talking Heads

    I have been on a Talking Heads listening spree lately, so I figured I'd remake this thread. Anyone else have anything to contribute?
  9. Pelafina

    The Graduate

    This is such an excellent movie, for a lot of different reasons. The cinematography is very well done, the plot is interesting, the choice of actors was very well done, and on top of all that, it characterized a generation. Also, it has Simon and Garfunkel for most of the music, which just makes...
  10. Pelafina

    Net Neutrality

    U.S. court rules against FCC on Net neutrality - Security- msnbc.com On Tuesday, the court ruled against net neutrality, which means that broadband providers do not have to offer equal opportunity for internet traffic. I've done some reading on the issue, but I still don't have a set...
  11. Pelafina

    ever seen a fine chick walkin down the street and

    shes comin towards u and ur walkin towards her and shes got shades propped in her hair talkin on a cell fone to her rich white snob frat daddy boyfriend and shes wearin a short skirt w/ flip flops and a nice tan body and u try not to look her in da eye because shell think ur creepy but when she...
  12. Pelafina

    Lit ► Dante's Inferno

    I just read this a second time for my world literature class, and got a lot more out of it this time. It's an excellent epic poem, hopefully some of you have read and appreciated it. So let's discuss it. Also, here's an interesting quiz that will place you in the appropriate level of Dante's...
  13. Pelafina

    Lit ► Opening Lines & Favorite Passages

    This is for posting interesting or meaningful or just awesome first lines to books and poems and that sort of thing. Also, because there's not much interest in opening lines, and I really like this thread, I'm extending it to any lines or passages as well. 'A screaming comes across the sky.'...
  14. Pelafina

    Three Years Today

    And I still feel really new here compared to a lot of you. Otherwise, this thread is where you say nice things about how great I am. s1swimmingface
  15. Pelafina

    Lit ► Hemingway

    Here's this week's attempt to post decent literature in this section. Does anyone have an opinion on Hemingway? The Old Man and the Sea is the only work of his I've read, but it's enjoyable enough. Any recommendations for other novels of his would be appreciated as well.
  16. Pelafina

    Lit ► Shakespeare

    Up until this year, I was alright with his plays, but never really appreciated them. This year though, after reading King Lear and part of The Tempest, I'm really beginning to enjoy his work. Julius Ceaser and King Lear have been my favorites so far. Anyone else with a semi-intelligent...
  17. Pelafina

    Defining Intelligence

    How exactly do you define what it means to be intelligent? And more interestingly, what makes a person intelligent? There are many different systems to quantify it, but they all seem to have their shortcomings. I'll post my ideas later, but in the meantime, I'm interested to see what the rest...
  18. Pelafina

    Rethinking Cell Phones in Schools

    Article (here) So after browsing MSN and reading this article, I think that it raises a fairly valid point. Cell phone bans in schools, whichever side you agree with, are definitely not working. Is there a more constructive use for this, then? And if so, what is it?
  19. Pelafina

    Howard Zinn has Died

    Howard Zinn - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I know most of you probably don't even know who he was, but it's pretty sad that he's dead. He definitely contributed a lot to this country during his life. And my, I seem to be posting a lot of death threads lately.
  20. Pelafina

    Lit ► J.D. Salinger has Died (and discussion of his works)

    He was best known for Catcher in the Rye, which is pretty much the story of every teenager at some point. Franny and Zooey is another popular novel of his, though never as well known as Catcher. It's definitely sad to see him gone. But other than that, celebrate his life and work by talking...