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    Windows Live Messenger Virus???

    My friend sent me a link that had my name in it and so I opened it and it asked if i wanted to open or save the file so I opened it then my virus protector popped up and said virus found and deleted then a lot of people said wtf? and I said what and they said why did u send me that (but i didnt...
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    Forum Ranks

    :confused: what are all the ranks and how many posts do you have to have to get them when I say ranks I mean the things under your username for example (heatrtless, storekeeper or gummi ship builder)
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    Total Computer Reinstallation

    If you totally reinstall the whole computer can it get rid of all your viruses?:confused:
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    Runescape anyone?

    does anyone play runescape? I do if you do fill this out username: combat lvl: total lvl: favorite skill: p.s i will not add you ....i just want to know if anyone plays both KH and Runescape like me
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    Im Back!!!!!!!!!

    IM BACK EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!! i bet nobody remembers me because i havent been on for over a year but i just wanted to say "IM BACK!!!!!!":nahnah::nahnah:
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    I have A question

    I am on level five and i dont know why but I used to only be able to do 16 ai battls but now i can do up to 50 ai battles ? what did i do? A second question i am on level 5 and when i win a batlle now i only get 27 exp points and i need 3000 to get to the next level and it takes about 5 days...
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    Final Fantasy Worlds In KH2

    What world do u think would be the most fun from the ff series to be put into KH2 :)
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    Someone fight me I DARE YOU

    some one scan me and see if you r equal or close to me then fight me plz :)
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    Release date for KH2

    namura has stated that kh2 will be coming out between september 14 and the rest of the year finally tell your thoughts about this ok? :p yipee
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    Where is your favorite place in FFX

    Where is your favorite place in FFX in spira? :)
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    Favorite place in FFX

    what is ur favorite place in spira :)
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    New KH 2 character

    Who would u be if u could be someone else in kh2 in a couple parts :)
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    Who is your favorite character???

    Who is your favorite character in KH 2 and your thoughts about them??? :cool:
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    Jump Festa Help

    How long does it take to downlaod the Jump Festa Trailer :D
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    Gil plz

    how do u get gil on this sight?
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    how do u get an avy or sig

    how do u get an avy or sig on display on ur name for ppls eyes to look at :cool:
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    How do u get 2 put in a sig and avy

    how do i put a sig and avy on my name :confused: