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  1. Chie

    KHUX ► Master of Masters, the Demiurge

    Some people have already discussed how the Master of Masters has become a clear author-figure. I won't repeat all of that here, but I think it's a pretty natural conclusion seeing as he wrote the story of the entire series both literally and figuratively (or perhaps they are one and the same)...
  2. Chie

    The Unversed symbol comes from... [Theory?]

    This is just a bunch of points I'm putting together to kind of guess where Nomura might be going. Vanitas, who spawned the Unversed, recently claimed to exist before he was taken from Ventus, and has also referred to himself as being "darkness". A character who calls themself Darkness exists in...
  3. Chie

    Ultimania Shibuya confusion

    First of all I apologize if there's already been arguments about this. But in other KH communities I've always noticed a bizarre difference in understanding between me and others regarding what Nomura has to say about Shibuya in the Ultimania interview. To recap: I have had numerous people...