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  1. Neo_GFX

    Looking for the 3D model of the interior of Cid's accessory shop

    Why does this section have no threads? Anyway, I'm looking for the 3D model of the interior of Cid's shop cause I want to print it and turn it into a diorama... can anyone help me out?
  2. Neo_GFX

    Disney properties not represented in Kingdom Hearts

    I was trying to think of the most important/classic ones. Have the Three Little Pigs ever been represented in the series in any way? I think that would be a great idea for a mini-world, which would consist of a multiple-phase Big Bad Wolf battle with maybe very light exploration (like 1/3rd of...
  3. Neo_GFX

    EZ Mode affecting Trophies

    I noticed a little blurb about this while picking the mode that I accidentally skipped over. I've heard conflicting reports about which you can/can't choose and what Trophies it affects. For this playthrough I just want to Platinum the game as easily as possible... what's the best avenue...
  4. Neo_GFX

    Underrated aspects of KH games

    The Dalmatians' house in Traverse Town: the immersion, the comfort, the security, the music... very bittersweet. I love it. It's also kinda hard to believe that this movie was still relatively new when KH1 released; KH1 is older than it seems. They should just knockdown Downtown Disney (if...
  5. Neo_GFX

    Xion, Roxas & FF Bring Arts shown at SDCC

    Is this new, or am I out of the loop? https://news.toyark.com/2019/07/19/sdcc-2019-square-enix-bring-arts-kingdom-hearts-and-final-fantasy-357134
  6. Neo_GFX

    Getting bodied on Proud mode

    On Olympus Coliseum to be exact... Wonderland hardly gave me any trouble (it's kind of crazy how short it is as an adult), but the preliminaries are destroying me. What are the tactics? Grind? Go to Deep Jungle? What about combat? All I can do is dodge roll. Probably gonna have to go back in...
  7. Neo_GFX

    Post-game kinda boring?

    Am I the only one here who didn't 100% the game? I dabbled in it (did some of the Battlegates, more hidden Mickeys, etc), but it's just kinda bleh. I kinda wish I played it on Standard so I didn't have to grind to beat the secret boss (are will still spoiler-tagging?)
  8. Neo_GFX

    Who wants an online mode?

    We live in 2019; this isn't 20 years ago where a single-player experience can keep me engrossed forever. What about just a simple Keyblade arena mode, using already preexisting assets? It would be a 1v1 or 1v1v1 where players choose Sora, Riku or Aqua; maybe they could even add DLC characters...
  9. Neo_GFX

    The 25 character limit

    All too many times I've seen (25 characters) or something to that effect in a post... why not just get rid of it? Is it really that big of a deal? I get it's to discourage spam and promote productive discussion, but this is literally the only forum I can think of in my internet travels that...
  10. Neo_GFX

    Have you 100%/Platinumed the game yet?

    Just curious where everyone's at. I finally beat the game yesterday and am starting to backtrack looking for treasure/hidden Mickeys/previously inaccessible areas.
  11. Neo_GFX

    Sunburned Albino's rant

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Xr6WygXbDE I'm not sure I understand the point of this video... he's coming off as unbelievably bitter and harsh for no reason. What am I missing? The comments are making it sound like you're only allowed to dislike the game to a certain degree? I'm enjoying...
  12. Neo_GFX

    Height of Vanitas and Xehanort

    My brother and I are enlisting a custom figure creator to make customs of Xehanort and Vanitas to scale with the Diamond Select figures; Sora is 5.5" and Axel is 6.5" for reference. I was thinking Vanitas is the same height as Sora, and Xehanort is either Axel's height or shorter? 6 or 6.5"...
  13. Neo_GFX

    At what point did you stop getting mired in the details?

    Posted this to reddit; reposting it here:
  14. Neo_GFX

    Donald & Goofy's alternate "duds"

    Is there a criteria for them wearing these? I haven't played every game in the series, but they wore these at the beginning of KH1, in Yen Sid's tower in DDD and in BBS... why? If I had to guess, I would say these were their original designs for outfits, and they wanted to implement them...
  15. Neo_GFX

    Do you like the dubstep treatment on 'Face My Fears'?

    I know this topic has been beaten to death and people don't want to talk about it because it's negative, but the song at its root is not bad, but the dubstep "bass drop" treatment at a minute in is absolutely unbearable; I'm really trying to like this, but I just hate it as it's some dated fad...
  16. Neo_GFX

    People ignoring Kingdom Hearts' existence

    So many professed lovers of Disney and Square alike just ignore the series' existence. Many of my favorite YouTubers like Mike Matei or TheBitBlock rave about their love for Disney but never acknowledge Kingdom Hearts; anyone else ever noticed this weird borderline phenomena? I feel like it's...
  17. Neo_GFX

    Couple new things shown at SDCC (figures)

    Diamond Select figures & statues Bring Arts These weird little figures that I think are metal; I've seen them at Walmart and the quality is not good... pending licensor approval - I believe there's a couple characters in there that have never gotten figures. Post if you find anything else!
  18. Neo_GFX

    Diamond Select Wave 2 Review

    I feel like this is somewhere between warranting its own thread and just being posted in one of the existing ones. I guess Steamboat Sora is part of this wave; you won't get him in a case - you have to pick him up individually at Walgreen's... let's start with him: only gripe is he didn't...
  19. Neo_GFX

    So what was shown in the orchestra trailer that didn't appear in any of these trailers?

    Someone on reddit said Randall (I'm assuming Boggs) was in the orchestra trailer; any truth to this?
  20. Neo_GFX

    What is the area between Ansem's study and computer room?

    The way it dwarfs SD&G is incredible. I haven't played this game in ages, and when I did I certainly wasn't paying attention to the story; I was able to find a cutscene where it's some Heartless generator, but it's so incredible - like the interior of the Death Star or something. I found an...