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    OMG I Just Noticed Something!

    1:45-1:49 YouTube - Kingdom Hearts (BETA) - E3 2001: Trailer Doesn't that look like the one one scan of Riku from Coded where he was at Big Ben? How didn't I notice that before?! *Facepalm* Could that scene in the scan be a deleted scene from KH1? Discuss.
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    Do you hope we get to visit Org. XIII homeworlds in Days?

    Do you? It's always something I've wondered about.
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    An Observation based on a recent scan

    This is something that I got from recent scans. Not the most recent, but still recent. Saix said to Axel, "The concealed room. The place Xion was born." I have a theory based on that. While it's entirely possible that the "The concealed room" and "The place Xion was born" were referring to two...
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    Regarding CoR/Org XIII Data

    Does anyone else think they might be canon? I think they might be, but I don't really have much to back it up.
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    Fanfiction ► Kairi and Xion

    I originally wrote this to be a one-shot, but I might add to it if I can think of another chapter. Background Info that I Never put into story form. So, with Namine and Roxas fused to Sora and Kairi again, Xion, after being killed 358/2 Days, comes back because of her connection to Kairi. The...
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    Naked Heart Discussion

    Hey there guys. This is just a discussion topic for hearts that do not have anything covering them up. An example would be that someone loses his heart, but it is not cloaked by darkness, leaving a Naked Heart and a Nobody. Questions to discuss Can a Naked Heart exist? Assuming the above is...
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    Xion=Unbirth Theory not as Farfetched as it Sounds

    So, some of you may have read my other theory about Xion being Kairi's other Nobody that I then changed to Xion = Unbirth. I will elaborate upon that in this thread. All CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM will be quoted here so that I can revise as necessary. 1. She is connected to Kairi, who lost her...
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    A theory on the Cavern of Remembrance, Castle Oblivion, and the Org XIII Data

    First, before you guys read anything here, I do acknowledge that CoR and the Org Data might not be canon. This theory simply assumes that they are. Kay? Good. Also, this in FoKH because it may also connect to 358/2 Days. So, on to connecting CoR and CO. This should be obvious. The doors. The...
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    A Theory on Xion. Small spoilers.

    Somewhere I read that Xion looks a bit like Kairi, and this is my theory on why. My theory is because Kairi's heart was inside Sora's body, it created two Nobodies instead of one. The two that I'm talking about are Roxas and Namine, and because Kairi already lost her heart, creating Namine...
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    Need help with Larxene 2 in RE: COM

    I'm at Level 42, with 290 HP and I have 750 CP.
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    Okay, I admit it. My other theory was trash. Here's my new one.

    First off, I'd like to apologize for my piece of trash theory. This one, instead of being a complete wall of text, I'm going to post in chapter form. Like a fanfic, but not as fanficyish. Chapter One: Who is the DS? Now it's impossible to say EXACTLY who he is, so I'm going to focus on his...
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    Noticed something about MX's Keyblade

    It looks a lot like Oathkeeper! I'll put a picture in a minute. Anyway, it looks like a dark version of Oathkeeper. Meaning that Oblivion is NOT Oathkeeper's dark counterpart. Feel free to theorize on what this means! Also, just for the purpose of discussion, I'll also include a pic of DS's...
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    Kingdom Hearts Meets the Odyssey

    Okay, here's how the story goes. Sora, Riku, and Kairi go to Olympus Colloseum to compete in a tournament, but when they get there, they find out that a bard by the name of Homer is there, and decide to go listen to his story. BUT when they do, they get sucked into the story, and Sora becomes...
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    Have you ever thought of this?

    I just thought of something regarding the purpose of KH in the games. It is where all hearts are born, and where all hearts go. So, looking at its most basic level, it's a recycling plant for hearts. It cranks out hearts, it gives people hearts, people die, their hearts go back to Kingdom...
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    My theory on the ENTIRE PLOT OF BBS! YOU HEARD ME! (Some of it is unbased)

    Kingdom Hearts: Putting Together the Pieces of the Puzzle Note: This does kinda branch off into other things, so be aware of that. Awakenings So far, there has been an Awakening in each game of the canon, save COM. This leads me to believe, that the Awakenings are for Keyblade masters to help...
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    Keyblade Academy 2(Remake)

    A mod closed the old one and said I could remake this one. Please no spamming, and wait until someone else posts to post again. I don't want to have this one closed as well because I won't be able to make it again. You will need to resubmit your characters. So here's the story for my Role Play...
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    The Theory Killer Club

    I am only posting this because it seems like so many people love killing theories just for the fun of it. I AM NOT A MEMBER!!!!!! Here are the rules. Post a link to the theory you are going to kill. I will check up here every week, so don't think you can break the rules and get away with it...
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    Keyblade Academy

    So here's the story for my Role Play. 10 years after the events of KH II, a Keyblade Master (hereafter KM) and forger named Kexlybed decided to start a school for inexperianced KMs. But since he would need powerful KMs as teachers, he sent out letters (via dark portal) to Sora, Riku, and King...