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  1. inasuma

    Post your video game collection!

    Do you hoard cardboard and plastic? Do you also like to display it? Post your stuff! Personally, I have a Pokemon problem. You can see my small Kingdom Hearts collection just to the left. Might post that one later as it's grown a bit since this was taken.
  2. inasuma

    Show Off Your Game Collection

    As I've gotten older I've honestly played less and collected more (for the A R T). But no matter why you collect, post your favorites!
  3. inasuma

    can all the awards be small again

  4. inasuma

    10 years of...

    although my account says i joined in December of 2005, i actually was browsing well before that (since September, in fact). gotta say, this place has come a long way since then. pretty glad I spent time with you weirdos. thats 10 years of... - posting gifs - designing stuff - waiting for dumb...
  5. inasuma


    this is forum insanity start being more ridiculous or i'm gonna start being real sad(-ish) I NEED ENTERTAINMENT
  6. inasuma

    kh3 spoiel

  7. inasuma

    ITT: things I should do now that I won't be in school

    okay here we go khi starting my first full time job in a couple months so excited how should I prepare to be a boring adult?? suggestions welcome . . .
  8. inasuma

    much luv jels

    jels bby i b gentel thx <3
  9. inasuma

    You know how there's 5K's for certain awareness campaigns?

    What if there were Harlem Shake events for Parkinson's disease??? Legit question. Also very serious.
  10. inasuma

    Resume + Cover Letter Design

    Greetings chaps. So I'm in the process of applying to a bunch of places for internships. Luckily, I have one that's part time already lined up (though sadly not paid) at a local magazine. I'm pretty excited about that. My hope is to get another one that is paid *crossing fingers* that is also...
  11. inasuma

    Show off your Behance

    We have a DA thread, yes. So I figured some of you might have a Behance one as well. It's basically the same thing except you can search for jobs, and it generally looks more professional. Most of us aren't really looking for jobs, but for those of us who are (older members especially), I would...
  12. inasuma

    Three Sages

    These are meant to be movie posters, basically; primarily as teasers (hence the abstract nature). They're directed at the Zelda franchise. I want to get some feedback before I hand them in tomorrow. They're a final project. Heads up: Dull colors for CMYK (print). Imagine them on a wall at the...
  13. inasuma

    internet booty

    You made the right decision clicking on this thread. Now enjoy. VQvuNjG9zzg
  14. inasuma

    I make newspaper pages. Weeee.

    This doesn't really fit in digital media, because it's for print, and isn't entirely traditional because it has many digital components... Sorry about the annoying links! I figured since this has basically been consuming my life for the past few months, I'd post it here and see what KHI thinks...
  15. inasuma

    candid video of me at the gym

  16. inasuma

    you can't tell me what to do i'll pop my collar all day long. #polo

    shut up chewie I stay in hyperdrive as long as I want. #solo
  17. inasuma

    The end.

    So I did a presentation called "Design of the Day" for my graphic design class. Basically I did it on community artwork with a focus on "signatures/tags" and such. It was a 5 min intro to it and then a 10 min tutorial (below). bleh i should point out the typo is really bad. it was slapped...
  18. inasuma

    Design Boners Thread

    Post cool stuff that gives your creative side a little arousal. Here's a few I like a lot: — Marco Rosella, Interactive Designer. A really cool graphic website. Presuming its in HTML5. Super cool Today's Paper | Indiana Daily Student (click the "Today's PDF" area) I've been following this...
  19. inasuma

    What would you like to see in Kingdom Hearts III?

    Hello all! With all the recent attention on GameInformer's article concerning things they would like to see in Kingdom Hearts III, we think it would be a neat idea to see what you guys think. What new features would you like to see added to Kingdom Hearts 3; why do you think they should be...
  20. inasuma

    Lea is a little douche amirite

    Some more iPhone wallpapers. Somehow I managed to get the type in the Lea wall to fit perfectly on the iPhone's lock screen. crit me yo