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    About the age of Sora in KH4

    KH4 Sora's hair is growing and her hairstyle has changed, so should I think he's grown to 16 in the course of a year? However, on the other hand, Strelitzia's remark that "He was sleeping for seven days" also bothers me. It's been a year in the original world, but has Sora's physical age at...
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    Spoilers ► Actions of Lauriam & Elrena in future games

    This couple that once disappeared as rebels of Organization13 but will return as good ancient keybladers in future games. What do you think they will do in future games? Ventus and Skuld (probably Subject X) are also characters that have been time-traveled from the past to present. Ventus has...
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    KH characters power level tier list

    Let’s talk about power scale of KH characters, including predictions ! In my case, I thought like this (also included my speculation…).
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    Spoilers ► Do you think MoM & Foretellers become main villains in the 2nd phase ?

    Hello. I posted a thread for the first time. This is my first thread. Well…, as you know, 7 black chess pieces that suggest new darkside characters appeared in KH3 epilogue cutscene. We could also guess that these are The Lost Masters considering the scene composition. One top of that, they...