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    Can we have a non-spoiler spoiler thre

    To just discuss what’s going on? I haven’t looked at any spoilers, but I want to be able to discuss the situation without having to look at spoilers.
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    IGN confirms KH3 Delayed to Accomodate Worldwide Release

    “IGN just confirmed what I already was told by Disney but asked not to talk about for now, KH3 goy delayed in order to accommodate a WW-ISH release, Japan was gonna get it WAY before the world and they decided to delay the entire product.”...
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    The Preview Event

    Someone has spilled the beans on ResetEra that the preview event we know is happening this month is taking place on May 17th, next week. Can’t wait for all the cryptic tweets from people at the event that doesn’t reveal anything...
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    News ► Nomura Tells Degenki Twilight Town is the KH3 Tutorial World

    Feel free to edit or repost this chaser when you get the article. I thought Olympus coliseum was going to be the first world? Maybe xemnas takes us off course to twilight town? And there ya have it, you only visit worlds once. edit: And I spelled the publications name wrong...kill me
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    So Question Pertaining to Master Xehanort's Return...

    Is Master Xehanort at the end of the game a version of Master Xehanort from the past or has he actually returned as in he came back got his body back along with the other twelve organization members when their nobodies were defeated? If he is a past version of Master Xehanort than wouldn't a...