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    am I a failure if I can't beat COM?

    no your not.........but sorta are. use alot of sleights(thats what i did) sonic balde does well also blitz. have a couple of 0 cards and dont use those for sleights. get a couple of cloud cards, and 3-5 high numbered cures. tinkerbell and oogie boogie cards. hope this helps. :)
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    CoM Deck formations

    yea have alot of zeros. I used alot of sonic blade and blitz.
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    G-Phoria 2006 - Kingdom Hearts II Hanging on

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    Kairi's letter

    I liked how they used it in the game. It was used to make the bridge which lead sora nad riku back to the islands cause they wanted to be reuntited with kairi.
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    Neoshadow reaction Command

    I didnt know you can make it so sora is the only 1 fighting.
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    Your favorite Heartless

    it would have to be between neo shadows, soldiers, and shadows.
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    hey....is this...

    yea namine said that, i think
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    Hey I just noticed something.Might not be important but....

    rally good theory, and because of his I cant decide anymore.
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    Just a Question....

    do you guys think that maybe this time US will get something like final mix that the japenese wont get?
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    What are you talkin about Sora?

    he meant that he and leons both defeated the heartless for the same purpose,its true never side by side but yea together.
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    The Ultimate COM 'Favorites' Thread

    Game Mode: Sora Mode Character: Sora and like what Muffin Man said Organization Member:Axel World:the last one forgot what it was called but it was castle oblivian, I think thats what it was called Keyblade Card:oathkeeper Magic Card: areo Summon Card: Cloud Enemy Card:rikus Ability: Trinity...
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    How was Kh2 for you?

    its one of my favorites but I think it wasnt as good as kh1 but still great.
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    1 map card

    yea what they said, lol i remember i was about to fight marluxia for the 2nd to last time right before he got that 1 robot looking thing, and I didnt have a 1 card and i kept trying to get 1 for a month but didnt so I restared the game, lol.
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    Final with oathkeeper and oblivian
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    lol new formation arts

    lol, i totally agree with you. That is 1 sweet action figure though, and yea it should be oathkeeper and oblivian.
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    Just out of Curiosity

    just because you couldnt see his weapon(I think thsts the room your talking about) doesnt mean hes dead, he was the only 1 that was like that so yea that would mean that everyone would be alive except zexion which is incorrect because yea sora killd them. I thought it meant that numora still...
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    yup what they said 2525252525252525
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    beat seifer

    well I have beaten seifer over 40 times and nothing has changed, if you beat seifer does he say anything or give you something? cause nothing is happening.
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    Who was the coolest enemy in CoM?

    I really like playing the riku replica. He was just all over the place.
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    game trailer URL

    I need help on finding a website with URLs for game trailers. I need 1 for doom 3. Pleaese help. I tried youtube but it didnt work. It needs to end in .asf, .wmv, .mov, .qt, .3g2, .3gp, .3gp2, .3gpp, .gsm, .mpg, .mpeg, .mp4, .m4v, .mp4v, .cmp, .divx, .xvid, .264, .rm, .rmvb, .flv. thnx in advanced