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  1. Beastly

    ~~+(Jolly Ol' Fc of Seraph)+~~

    This is a fanclub for my friend Seraph. He is a video game freak who loves final fantasy. And watches a whole load of different anime. Don know too much else. but its cool, join now! President: Beastly Followers: Skye Noich The Future ∞ HATERS Strawberry
  2. Beastly

    Peace out to my friends

    Well, as you guys might know school starts tommorow, so I'm not gonna be online till the next holiday. So peace out to my friends and have a fun time.
  3. Beastly

    X~The One Piece Fanclub~X Where Nakama and Okama rhyme.

    Welcome one and all to the One Piece fanclub This is an epic story about pirates and a treasure called one piece. Set in the grand age of pirates. Best out of the main Shonen three. Its been rocking the anime and manga worlds since 1997. Owner of This Fc: Beastly Banner: well, its...
  4. Beastly

    ~The XXLent Pheonex fanclub~

    Pheonex, you really deserve an FC, Girl. She loves anime and loves basketball. President: Beastly0123 Ruler: Pheonex Members: Strawberry King Wolfe Way to Twilight Axix Twilight Dusk Candy Fair
  5. Beastly

    ~The FFVII Chronos (RP) fanclub~

    This is a fanclub for the Roleplay of Final Fantasy VII Chronos. Join here if you are a member of the RP or a fan/reader. Sign-ups and OOC: http://forums.khinsider.com/roleplaying/128702-always-joinable-final-fantasy-vii-chronos-sign-ups-163.html Creator: Beastly0123 Members...
  6. Beastly

    {~~The Supah Chaos Fc~~}

    This is a fanclub for my friend Way to Twilight. He's a really cool dude who can talk about almost anything. lol. banner: theme song: NZm4r3BdCq4 funny vid: _lbNX8-Tyg&feature=channel_page Cool Stuff...
  7. Beastly

    ~$$~@khconcept fanclub~$$~

    This is an fc for one of my best friends on this site, Issac or better known as khconcpt. He really deserves an fc. He's a cool dude that can be random at times and makes everyone laugh. president:Beastly0123 honarary member: khconcept fans: join now!!
  8. Beastly

    ~~The SEXY fanclub of Sparks~~

    This is an FC for myfriend,Twilight Dusk. She's a really cool person who loves being random and having those funny moments. Join her fc Honarary member: TwilightDusk President: Beastly0123 Banner: Members: Darknova, Araliya, VensMemories, Keybladewielder, Namine'sNobody...
  9. Beastly

    Maleficent's alliance

    In BBS, do you guys think Maleficent works with MX? or is she basically on her own side?
  10. Beastly

    Harry Potter

    It's a really good movie. I enjoyed atching all the movies up to date. Anyone here gonna watch the latest one. the half blood prince?
  11. Beastly

    Help on a 100 acre wood minigame

    I started this game over again in re:com. And i just wanted to know if you have any tips for the ballon minigame in the 100 acre wood.
  12. Beastly

    fun kingdom hearts facts from a friend

    Hey, i got these "fun facts from a friend on kh-vids.net. check em out. > A mistake many players make when fighting Clayton is trying to take out Stealth Sneak first, to deal with Clayton later. This’ll only make the boss fight harder, since when Clayton is defeated, you wn the bos fight...
  13. Beastly


    I think this was posted before. But who was the organization member who went to agrabah and paid the merchant not to tell anyone of jafars return?
  14. Beastly

    Terra being Xehanort and Riku's father.

    Xehanort is Terra and Riku’s father. I came up with this crazy idea in the morning. Heres some evidence. 1. Riku’s parents are never truly mentioned in the story. Yet Xehanorts heartless made the islands his home. Almost as if he had been there before. 2. Riku was supposed to be the true key...
  15. Beastly

    Organization awards

    Title says all. Give a shout out here to the organization members u think are the coolest?, strongest?, funniest?, wimpiest?, best voice actor?, bestliest?, and watever else u can come up with.
  16. Beastly

    Org 13 party members

    For those of u who have already played the game, plz tell us about the usefulness of each organization character in days. I just want to be prepared for the worst.
  17. Beastly

    Donald and Goofy rant

    Title says all. Use this thread to rant on donald and goofy. Explain the situation where they were most useless and/or funny.
  18. Beastly

    Xigbar's role in Land of Dragons

    Every other org. member played a role in the disney world they went to. What was Xigbar's role in Land of Dragons?
  19. Beastly

    Demyx's water clone powers

    You know wat i never figured out, why if u dont eliminate Demyx's clones, u die? I mean the clones are weak and easy to kill as crap. But why do u die?
  20. Beastly

    Saïx a wimp?

    Well title explains all. I honestly took more damage from a berserker nobody than Sai'x. Did anyone else expect a more difficult fight?