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  1. Aucune Raison

    Kojima should sue Nomura.

    Both Kingdom Hearts' and Metal Gear Solid's second game had vastly more complex plots than the first (and made the series as a whole more convoluted). Both are named after an object of great power which is constantly being fought over, and usually comes into play at the middle/end of each game...
  2. Aucune Raison

    The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt

    Amazon.com: Customer Reviews: Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt, Available in Various Sizes I must agree.
  3. Aucune Raison

    "Plan B Ruling: State Can't Force Pharmacists To Dispense 'Morning-After' Pill"

    Plan B Ruling: State Can't Force Pharmacists To Dispense 'Morning-After' Pill I'd rather not get into another abortion topic, so my question is this: Whose rights should be put above the other, the pharmacists who have "moral objections", or the person seeking medication? Frankly, my...
  4. Aucune Raison

    Sit Down, Shut Up!

    So I watched the pilot of the show that replaced "King of the Hill" on "Fox Sunday's Animation Domination". And it was disappointing. I'm not surprised by this, the previews pretty much said it all. "Sit Down, Shut Up!" is quite clever, it has excellent voice actors, and the animation (with...
  5. Aucune Raison

    Futurama (4 DVD movies)

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futurama:_Bender%27s_Big_Score Futurama: The Beast with a Billion Backs - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Futurama: Bender's Game - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The fourth (and assumedly...
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  7. Aucune Raison

    Experiment (Posts only; no templates, no comments)

    "Guh... guh... guh..." A single figure stood in the field of poppies. Red poppies... were they his favorite? "Guhh..." The cool wind blew south, softly pressing the still one's back. The flowers swayed, back and forth, spreading their seeds and pollen. The cycle of life... was he part of...
  8. Aucune Raison

    In the dust of the World Trade Center

    RED CHIPS: Evidence of WTC Thermite in Peer-Reviewed Paper | NowPublic News Coverage I had already suspected this to be true, but now there is evidence of it. It wasn't the plane that brought down the buildings.
  9. Aucune Raison

    You know what'd be rad?

    If we could merge our own posts. Could that be possible?
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  11. Aucune Raison

    The Simpsons

    I have been completely turned off from this show. Two years ago they made a few good episodes and I thought that they had found good writers again, but fuck I was so wrong. I continue to tune to Fox to see if the show has found some good footing, but I continue to be disappointed Every...
  12. Aucune Raison

    Six years yesterday...

    since the beginning of the Iraq War. Over one and a half million Iraqis have died, over twenty thousand US servicemen dead also. Funny, looking at the evening news yesterday, I saw basically nothing mentioning it. So I really don't know what to say here. How do you feel about it?
  13. Aucune Raison

    Chuck Norris may run for President of Texas

    WorldNetDaily No, this is not a joke. The idiocy of the conservative base in this country never ceases to amaze me. Let the shitty jokes commence.
  14. Aucune Raison

    Jon Stewart vs. Jim Cramer- Media and the Market

    part 1 w6i680vVTxw part 2 Ah9VTYwNRcM part 3 Z3NcxDLhmaI If you've been watching the Daily Show this week, you'll know that there has been a "conflict" of sorts between these two. Yesterday, Jon interviewed Cramer and discussed about how CNBC covered the market before the crash and how they...
  15. Aucune Raison

    Mike Malloy

    Does anybody listen to this guy? I've been listening to him for a month or so, and he is honestly to me the most truthful person on the radio. He's a progressive who supports democratic socialism. During his program he is very satirical and also goes on rants about "the flying monkey right"...
  16. Aucune Raison

    Republicans: Fiscally Conservative?

    Where exactly do Congress Republicans draw this from? The last three Republican presidents America has had have been extremely irresponsible with the budget, spending greatly on war funding, giving immense tax cuts to the wealthy, and raising the national deficit in the process. The last...
  17. Aucune Raison

    yes milord?

    awrite wut is it? yes, milord more werk? off i go then wut? rite now ready to werk job's done wut? awrite ready to werk ready to werk ready to werk ready to werk job's done yes milord? off i go then ready to werk job's done wut is it? rite now ready for action wut? awrite ready for action job's...
  18. Aucune Raison

    The Root of Your Faith

    Why do believe what you do? Were you raised on a set of beliefs? Did someone you know convert you? Did you go through a traumatic experience? My aunt, who is a devoted fundamentalist, became a Christian after having her cranium almost chopped in half by a crazy guy during her college years...
  19. Aucune Raison

    My Protest

    So I had been working on a new cheese recipe, "Bryan's Cheese", for five years. After finally perfecting it, I sent the recipe to Kraft, and was DENIED. Now, I spent a great deal of time on this recipe, I used up ten cartons of 1% milk, and all of my friends said it was delicious. So, I have...
  20. Aucune Raison