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    [Insert snappy title pertaining to the battle here] King X

    So I wanna fight yu like real bad. You can choose location, get first post and other shit. This is a power battle and I might make it continuum but not set in stone. Will make a decision on whether or not it's continuum once I post my temp. I'll have it up by like the end of the day.
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    Fallen Grace vs. Chim Chim

    Aright Dan, me and you. You challenged me so you better make it worth my while. I'll be using Raine from your rp but for the sake of people veiwing... Name: Raine Bellator Age: 16 Gender: female and a hot one at that. Appearance: Raine Raine's body is actually very mature for sher age. How...
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    Yo Tav, I think it's finally time to fight you. I wanna see how long it takes you to beat me. Use Daaku, Reforge whatever, just bring it. Im in a rush so I'll tell you the location and shit later. Dueces
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    A Grand KHI Dissidia like thingy??

    I dunno, I was eating breakfast when I just thought about this. So it'll be like a dissidia like thing only instead of the final fantasy games it would consist of like different rps that have been on KHI. I know this can be very flawed and might not work but whatever. If I was able to make this...
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    I'm Back!!

    I'm back it wasn't as long as I thought. Well... hopfully this will be the last time I leave for a while. All my peeps come and say hi.
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    Peace See you June 6

    Well due to some bad stuff and some snitching neighbors Im grounded for 3 months have to leave. Also Im moving to another country so I want to build up as much of a social status as I have where I currently live which will take a while. But I will be dropping by every now and then. So goodbye...
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    Chris Brown and Rihanna get engaged

    Yep, its true. Appearently they had a very heart touching meeting after not seeing each other for three weeks. I heard Chris Brown was crying. "Boohooo I'm really sorry please take me back. Will you mary me??" Chris Brown and Rihhanna get engaged. What are your thoughts on this.
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    Blazer Drive

    An awsome manga made by Seishi Kishimoto. There have only been 11 manga chapters released and it kind of makes you feel like you've outgrown naruto and its time for something new. Its one of the most original manga's and it has already been made into a video game. I was wondering if anybody else...
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    Blazer Drive (OOC+ Sign-ups)

    As the sticker-styled drive system which one can jus stick and trace the pattern to activate energies such as fire, ice, wind, electricity, or light. The "Mysticker got developed and had become the heart of many people's lives as the new eco-energy. The world which moves toward the disruption in...
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    A Katekyo Hitman Reborn rp....?

    Would anyone want to collab with me on a Hitman Reborn rp? I've been thinking of making one for a while now but I still need partners to work out the plot and all that crap. For those of you who don't know of the series then you can find out about it Here So yaaaa....... I'll put up the...
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    Fanfiction ► Kingdom Hearts: Memories of Darkness

    Well this is my first fan-fic so... ya. Please tell me things I can do to improve my writing and comment and all that jazz. I was planning to put the prolouge and the first chapter up now but some things came up so I wont have time. Here's the prolouge ENJOY! ****** Memory 00: Death The young...
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    The Shadalicious Reminisce Fanclub :O!

    You guys know and and love him, and if any rper deserves a fanclub its him. JOIN OR I'LL DO ILLEGAL THINGS TO YOU :angry: Leader Shadalicious Reminisce Members Ven1233
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    Soul Eater: The Wasureru SU&OOC [A Ven1233 & Sethiroth2 creation]

    30 years after Shibusen deafeated Arachnephobia and Asura the Kishin the world is at peace... So they thought. Recently a group of rouge meisters and witches have gone rouge from thier groups and created an evil organization, even more powerful than Arachnephobia, called the Wasureru. While...
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    My Xion, aqua theory

    I know what most of you are thinking ( Oh no not another one) but I just had to get this out of my mind or else it will haunt me forever. Also I havnt been in the FOKH section for a while so just tell somebody to close it if somebody else has said it. (actually I was against this before TGS)...
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    HEAL OR HURT!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all I dont know if somebody did this already so if somebody did do it then tell me and ill tell somebody to close it for me. Well basically there will be some kingdom hearts characters and you can either heal or hurt a character. Each character will start off with 10 hp and when you...
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    God's Jewel[a Full Metal alchemist rp] ( ooc/sign ups)

    in honor of the new Full metal alchemist anime plot In a world called Amestris alchemy is the ultimate form of science known to mankind. Years ago a scientist named polski tried to make another philosipher's stone. He was one of the only people in history to succeed in making it but soon...
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    Vampire knight rp or something else

    hey i wanted to do something a little different and i noticed that nobody has made a vampire knight rp yet. i want to kow if anyone would like to help me with it like story line. If You dont want to a vampire knight rp then tell me any other rp to do if you have ideas. i want to do an rp that a...
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    HELL YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesterday i had my first football game in my school's history( this is the first year my school has football) and i won! Im really happy because we played the best team of the state and they had a year more experience than us. What a pimpin way to start off the season...
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    Kingdom hearts: STORM(sign ups/ooc)

    yet another attempt to make an rp. Maybe this one would catch on. PLOT 20 YEARS AFTER KH2. After organization xiii was destroyed the world was in peace for a while. One day in Radient garden a scientist was studing the acts and habits of heartless to figure out a way to destroy them forever...
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    possible vampire knight rp.

    wats up people. i just recently (this afternoon) started watching a show called vampire knight. i was thinking of making a rp of this show. so i dont waste my time i want to kno if people would like this. also what suggestions would u like. like story line ect. i think this could b a good role play