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    Is Coded canceled?

    What the title says, I've been off to all KH stuff for a (long) while, so I'm kinda lost, I heard Coded would be canceled because Square-Enix had broken with the company responsible for the PSPhone production. I want to know whether this is truth or only a rumor (or whether I'm the only one who...
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    I’ve seen in another forum a cool “game” that actually is a quiz concerning all about (and I mean anything at all) games. The games happens this way: 1) someone makes any question about any game at all for any console (from the old Ness ‘till PS3, PC and portable are also include); 2) the other...
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    Naminé in Sunset Hill

    I found the video Naminé in Sunset Hill everyone was looking for. Here it is YouTube - KH2:FM+ - New Scene - Naminé on sunset hill (Subbed) I'm sorry it isn't voice acted but all the video about that scene are non voice acted. Nevertheless enjoy:thumbsup:.
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    Is this possible???

    Hi! I was looking at youtube for KH2 FM+ and found this video YouTube - Kingdom Hearts II - Roxas Vs. Riku . Most probably is a hack, but if it's not how can we fight Riku??? Nevertheless it's a cool video but I hope we can get to fight him really (I know it's probably a hack but...). Well tell...
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    Idea on Coded.

    I was thinking that maybe in Coded we actually must free VAT from their torment. Just think: VAT disappear after BBS, what if they are being held in so other dimension or maybe at the labs in Radiant Gardens??? It's something like this: Mickey turns the Journal into data (this has already being...
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    Brand new fresh theory on the meaning BBS.

    Brand new fresh theory on the meaning BBS. I'm gonna try to make this a little different from all thus far, so let's go. Let begin saying the obvious: no one is already born a KB (key bearer) so I think VAT and Mickey where chosen to be KB when they had woken up from a dream therefore Birth By...
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    I have an idea...

    ...About why Zexion's book can are major spoilers (Nomura said it himself). It's just a thought I had, so don't think it's official 'cause it's not, but let's go for the topic. Nomura once said (before KH2: FM+) he couldn't reveal Zexion's weapon because it would be major spoilers, so today I...
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    What do you think???

    We all see that scan showing Donald and Goofy with Mickey at Yen Sid office right?? So my question is: why in KH 2 neither Donald nor Goofy recognized Yen Sid's tower (remember that is Pete the one who says that is Yen Sid's)??? Did Naminé accidentally erased it from their memories or the tower...
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    You favorite Saïx name

    For the lack of a better thread to post.... What is the name you like better to be Saïx Real one (his somebody name)?? In case you are asking yourselves why Saïx, the answer is simple: I'm assuming he can be D.S. and we will happen to see his real name. My choice is Ïas just because it is the...
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    14 element and weapon

    Since there is no confirmation about what will be her element and weapon, I though about two weapons and elements please tell me what do you think of them. 1) Element/Power: Speed Weapon: double bladed Axe and the other side a sharped Peak so she can throw it 2) Element/Power: Explosion...
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    Resident Evil fanclub

    This is for everyone in this forum who likes the Resident Evil series (which is doubtless my favorite one) by any of the characteristics: - the intelligent, complex and great story; - the monsters (T-Virus creatures); - the musics; - the terror; - the weapons; - the scenarios; - the...
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    A problem with my Final Mix (?)

    I'm playing KH 2 FM and I was doing all side quests that there are, but for some reason I can't find and fight the Mushroom I. Can someone help me??? Is there something to be done before he shows up or I'm just a bad luck guy?? PS.: I've already defeated all the others mushrooms and also...
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    Just to clarify one thing

    People usually think that the Corridors Of Darkness (COD) Yen Sid talked about is actually the Special Gates (SG) from which we travel from world to world in KH II, but actually they are different things. We never happen to see the COD. People think they are the same because they misunderstand...
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    Limit Form question

    I got my KH2 FM+ and I just received the Limit Form (the one that makes Sora use his costume from the first game) and I have a question: what is needed to level it up????
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    Random, maybe stupid, question

    I was thinking about Org. and their members and came up with this question: What were they doing before Roxas and even before Sora (KH 1)???? We know that they were building KH in the second game, but in the first one we met Xehanort's Heartless, that means that Xemnas already existed even...
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    Something I missed (?)

    Well seems like three dumb questions, but I've seen some people speculating about a "black keyblade". My questions are what about this black keyblade?? What's its importance?? Why are people speculating so much about it??
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    Some theories

    I was here thinking about key chains, masters and apprentices (bearers) of the keyblade, the fact that the keyblade choses its wielder" and Terra's sentence (the title of this thread) and I came up with this (this is big so I'll make topics about all I'm saying, even tough I think it's gonna...
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    Funny couples

    So Which of them you think would be nice to see??? It's just for fun nothing serious Reasons about the coupes: Pence and Olete - Hayner doesn't fit her Wakka and Selphie - seems better than Tidus and Selphie I think Riku and Kairi - well Riku is more popular, older, fiscally stronger and...
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    14th member in KH 3????

    Maybe this is weird but all we know about the 14th member is that it's a woman and a new character, so if she is with Org. she is a Nobody which means maybe we can find her somebody in KH 3:thumbsup:. And yes, I'm assuming the 14th isn't Aqua and that the 14th member somehow fused back with her...
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    Why is Agrabah so important?

    Exactly what the title says. Why do you think Agrabah is so important for KH?? It's on every KH game released until now (KH, KH:CoM and KH2) and it's already confirmed for 358/2 Days and BBS (I'm not sure about Coded but I bet Agrabah will also be on Coded). All right, "Alladin" is one of the...