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    Knights/Warriors/Secret Ending

    This is a thread dedicated to learning more about the mysterious Knights/warriors in the Kingdom Hearts II/Final Mix Secret Ending. Post all you're hypothesies, questions and images here. Rules 1. Don't flame anyones hypothesies or questions. 2. Please size down any images you post so they...
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    Anti Form-Cool? or Sucky?

    When you first get it its cool and all but it tends to be annoying, like when you face a boss with a little bit of life in anti form...that sucks, but over all i think its pretty cool
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    I don't know why I wanted to make this thread but i did. Yes Wicca and Pagan is witchcraft, no we do not worship the devil. We are just learning about the salem witch trials and i wanted to know you guys perspective on witchcraft. How does your personal beliefs deal with this subject and if...
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    KH2 English Audio Cd?

    Does any know when i tcomes out or have a link to where i can buy it?
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    Best Utada Hikaru Song

    I would say it is Devil Inside Remix, that was a great song.
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    Will you Buy It?

    Will you buy KH2 the day it comes out?
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    Sephiroth's Story

    Can some body tell me Sephiroth's Story cuz i really want to know, i havent played the final fantasy games so im kind of in the dark...:D
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    The cutest heartless

    Which of these heartless are the cutest :D its wierd but you know they are :D
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    Final Mix in KH2 America?

    Do you think in the KH2 for america there will be some small parts from Final Mix? I mean if you think about it, in the first KH they put in some extra stuff...so maybe they will put in some for KH2
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    Regrouped Orginization of Alternative Scenes

    Friday, November 23, 2006. *Updates: Basically nothing. Current Discussions: -KH-Vids Branch -Limit/Expectations for Members -Leadership Positions -Possible Altered Scenes in new KH
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    Secret Ending Questions

    I've just scene the secret ending at the end of kh2(i couldnt resist). I just want to get ppls opinion on it, any kind of therories behind it? Why were there so many keyblades, what is the keyblade war, and who were those mysterious ppl and that one shadow in the distance? If these are...
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    Dear Sora,

    Here's how it works, you ask a stupid question to Sra and make a funny reply. Ex. Dear Sora, Do you ever have to use the potty during the game? Your fan, Bobby Dear Bobby, What the hell is wrong with you, I'm a made up character get your f***ing head out of the clouds and think, your...
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    Deep Dive-Roxas and Riku

    I don't know if this has been posted. If you know the answer keep it in. This is just for gathering ideas. As we have all seen in screen shots, Roxas has dual keyblades, Oblivion and Oathkeeper from the looks of it...In Deep Dive the blind folded unknown(im guessing Riku), is given a...
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    Debate on KH2 Spoilers

    We are all waiting for KH2. Many of us look at spoilers, just to get a peak, but what if a spoiler is posted in a non-spoiler section...should there be some kind of punishment or not...
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    Final Mix Ansem's Reports...

    Does anyone know where to find them I have Ansem's Report #12 but not #11...
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    What is a ...

    Ok I've been reading these posts lately just to find out more, instead i'm really confused now, I need to know what is a.. A person's Shell, A person's Shadow, and is the BHK Roxas?
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    KH Test

    Be the first to post the answer to the question, after that you ask a question(only about KH trivia) Question 1: How many mushrooms does Kairi tell you to get?
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    HELP!! I can't beat Ansem on Reverse/

    You get the point. Does any one have a good strategy to beat Ansem on Reverse/Rebirth, I got him to the Blue health thing but cant seem to finish him off.
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    Secret scene in Monstro

    Ok so the first time I played thru KH I beat the whole game without finishing monstro and didn't get hades or pegasus cup. So I thought my file messed up and started a new one. In this one i finished monstro...so i went back to my other file and went to go beat the boss in monstro...but since i...
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    I maybe new, but...

    Hi Kingdom Hearts fans, nice to meet all of you. I hope you have a lovely wait until March, enjoy the new year. So, I may be new here, but so what who really cares...i'm just here to have fun and learn more stuff about the game and find out whats really going on, It really is a game that makes...