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    No Ultimania?

    Sometimes it take a while for an Ultimania to be released or even announced. Most of the recent Ultimanias I'm thinking about know weren't even released in the same month let alone announced before the game was released.
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    It is sort of sad that Deep Jungle will never return

    Disney lost the license to Tarzan so unless they got it back, which they have yet to, and it has been quite a while since they lost it, I doubt this.
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    BBS TGS music

    I really do love this piece. Some other person talked about crying when they saw the new trailer and the only reason I could relate is because of Aqua while this song is playing. This song just has that bittersweet feeling. Like something obviously goes wrong and they don't really have a happy...
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    More Vjump Scans

    I did a Latin to English translation of Vanitas and got irritum. Wondering why I got another Latin word I decided to search google for irritum and instantly got a translation saying that it meant nothingness, worthlessness and vanity.
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    who still wants jesse mccartney to be ven?

    I would want it to be Jesse if not because I liked his voice then because I like consistency in voice actors.
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    coM multiplayer

    Yes this is true but I wouldn't really consider it multiplayer. I mean it was just kind of a duel between two people with a link cable I think. I would hardly call that true multiplayer tbh.
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    Special Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Countdown!

    Not that I'm nit picking :35: but shouldn't Xigbar's weapon be completely colored in :confused: Not that it really matters but I've been saving all of the images because they are nicely done and great articles really, I've read all of them in full and they are swell.
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    BBS Theme Song.

    I really hope there is a new one and I hope it is sung by Utada but judging previous interviews there is a large chance it won't be. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed though.
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    Sephiroth help

    I just went to my cousins house on vacation and he wanted the Fenrir so bad but hadn't worked on the game since he beat it. He was in bad shape ability wise and only at level 59. But I work miracles and from the time he asked me to the time I finally did it was about 15 minutes. This included...
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    What did You...

    I went with Destiny, it's not extremely creative but it was cool towards the end. I upgraded my ship from beginning to end so I had the original ship since the beginning. And it was of course that red and orange color. But then I was bored one day so I decided to make the same ship but all...
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    Yeah it was ok to know where you were going, there was no bad part about it.
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    Org. XIII clothes

    Yeah people care well I do and if you find anything post a link I'd really like to get it.
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    The Ultima Weapon

    Does anybody realize that The World That Never Was is full of all the Nobody's that you can find. Some many people ask the question where can I find the blank Nobody's it's very obvious.
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    Secret Ansem Report 3

    Even-Vexen, Ienzo-Zexion, and Bleig is Xigbar which is also wrong I noticed that a while ago.
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    Secret Ansem Report 3

    No wait your right. Yeah someone told me that they thought they rushed to finish the game and did some mistakes. Cuz I spotted some few minor ones while playing as well.
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    secret ending

    I see what your saying but still like I said I think that they just didn't want to have to make not only think up a thousand different keychains. And I was just watching the Secret Ending and I swear I think I might have seen a keychain on the knight's keyblades. Oh and they might not be chasers.
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    secret ending

    Just imagine someone trying to animate thousands upon thousands of Keyblades. Then tell them that they have to animate little tiny keychains on all of them. I think that they are real Keyblades it's just it was too hard or they were too lazy to animate them. They are definately Keyblades though.
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    I Got It I Got It!! The Secret Movie!! Read This!!!!!!!

    ................................................. I'm confused isn't that he had a wing some where and then didn't but wait what happened before KH2? The secret ending? The wing on the blade or the handle? I'm confused! What is the point of this anyway?
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    I found that out when I was in the mansion with roxas I was trying to look at the pictures in Namine's room. You can't lock on, glide or use reaction commands when your in it or you'll go out of it but other than that it is kind of cool.
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    Soda Cans

    Did anyone look at those soda cans? Just wondering cuz as soon as I got on and saw them I bought them. I'm pretty sure that the guy has more, I sent him an email to ask. It's confusing it look like a KH1 promo can but it shows the KH logo and it's the KH2 style. If you can tell the difference...