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    I know every thing bout kh

    i can help u out with any problems about kh cuz ive beaten it so many times the info has been beaten into my head so plz ask away i dont mind answering any questions about kh (within reason ive gotten sum dumb people ask me sum weird questions like soras shoe size) only game related topics here plz
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    Midnighter Read : Battle Music

    i have a link that goes to about 50 games that have mp3s i can give u the site jus ask
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    Why do u keep changing it

    i would like to know why i keep losing my stuff i was finaly getting sum levels and now i have to start from scratch AGAIN, plz keep it the way it is i even had 1000 gil in the bank and now its gone. if your goin to delete my stuff at least put it back so i dont have to worry about it im...
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    No CP cap

    there is no cap for card points i found this out yesterday