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    Going Dutch - for the ladies

    Let's discuss splitting the bill. When you're on a date with a guy, do you want him to pay for the date? Or rather go Dutch? And if you prefer going Dutch, is it a matter of him bringing it up or doing it yourself? Everytime I go on a date with a girl, I always end up paying the bills because...
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    What purpose does religion have these days?

    A serious question. What is the use of religion nowadays? All it does it people justifying their awful actions. (muslim terrorists, christians saying they'll be saved by jesus, even though they murder freely) Religion is not necessary anymore for the question "where does the world come from"...
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    Help me remember this Gameboy game!

    Guys I really need your help. It's probably way before many people's time around here, but there are some my age and above, so I can always try. - I used to play a game on the gameboy (I sold it, whoops) about this demon/devil. On the cover of the gameboy, it had a green color if I remember...
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    Radiant Garden: Now and Then

    When I first played KH2, I was surprised how drastically the castle of Hollow Bastion changed. I didn't understand how it could look so different. And that surprise grew even bigger when I found out that the whole world was different. First for reference, it went from this...to this..... to...
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    BBS Tribute

    Ok, this is not a video. In fact, I didn't do much at all, so I deserve no credit for this. For years, there's been backward versions of Simple and Clean around YouTube, but never a proper instrumental version. Yeah yeah, those orchestrated ones, but they sound so hard to the ears. And now that...
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    Don't know if people have heard or seen it, but during the BET awards, Jamie Foxx was paying tribute to Michael Jackson in some form of a speech. Foxx on Michael Jackson: "We want to celebrate this black man. This black man. He belongs to us and we shared him with everyone else.” I know I...
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    Forum server trouble?

    Hey guys, am I the only one that is having server problems on this forum? It's been happening the past few days, where I can enter the forums for about 1 minute, and then it just doesnt load at all for the next 10-15 minutes. No matter what way I do. Different browser doesnt work either...
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    Gay Marriage - YES or NO?

    Since it's such a hot topic with Proposition 8 apparently staying strong in California, and LGBTS (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Straight) people are out rallying all over the country, let's actually discuss it politically. YouTube - Gay Marriage Prop 8 PROTEST ^If you need any...
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    I'm pretty heavy on the topic posting, but Coldplay NEEDS its own topic. Cant believe no one posted on yet. Anyways, I consider Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends one of the if not the best album ever released, by any band. It's that good. The album has 'harmony' written all over it...
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    No Line On The Horizon (U2)

    Can't find a topic on this album. Anyways, share your thoughts. I was hesitating to even listen to the album, based on their Get On Your Boots single, which is complete utter sh*t. However, I did listen to the album, and I got to admit, the more you listen to it, the better it gets. It may be...
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    The Killers

    How can you not like their music? Ok, I gotta be fair, their album Sawdust I don't like one bit. However, it's successor Day&Age is old Killers mixed with a new style, and I love it. Atm I only own Sam's Town and Day&Age, but then again, Sawdust will never come into my collection. Any other fans?
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    Kids and sex

    This is something that is bothering me and I know many are bothered by as well. Maybe it's because 'we' are past the stage of being a kid, but that is not really of importance I believe. Kids and sex. The age that kids start having sex is going down and down and down and down and down. Kids age...
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    Raped 9yo performs abortion - mother excommunicated

    I. Officially. Hate. The. Vatican. Church hits out after 9yo's abortion - World - BrisbaneTimes I was catholic yesterday, but that is over. I am no longer Christian. Never was really, but I was still part of the community. No thanks. Lost another member. I cannot believe this. They make me...
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    "Europeans are dirty and hairy!"

    We all know the American prejudice about European women being hairy and Europeans in general being filthy and dirty. Where the hell do they get this from? It's really funny, actually. So, this discussion is about its origins, its credibility, its facts and your own prejudice/opinion about...
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    Freedom of speech

    A beautiful thing, freedom of speech. But it's also a very dangerous thing. If you are free to say anything to you want, you are also allowed to cause pain and suffering to massive groups of people. I take the Westboro Church as an example, because of their hurtful messages. Protesting...
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    The Phelps

    YouTube - America's Most Hated Family (part 1) "I'm ashamed to be an American, where the fags can freely roam. They spread their filth around this land, every pervert calls it home... [...]" Need I say more? Discuss.
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    Bill O'Reilly, the disgrace of American journalism?

    To me he is. O'Reilly is the perfect example of what you should not do as a journalist. He directs the conversation and cuts off people when they finally have the chance to say their word. Watching his show always leaves you in the hope that the person being questioned can finish his sentence...
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    You know the deal, let's debate then, shall we?
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    New 358/2 Day Scan (PETE!)

    Cant believe this hasnt been psoted yet. New scan, with Pete! http://p1-trans.axfc.net/uploader/He/l/9700292453/He_171009.jpg If it doesnt work, go to FF7AC reunion and follow the instructions on the KH link.
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    Final Fantasy character look-alikes.

    A look-a-like thread. I'll start off with one SCARY likening. I mean, this is just... dead on. Camilla Belle is Rinoa Heartilly Rinoa http://www.ffspirit.net/images/content/finalfantasy8/characters/rinoa.jpg...