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  1. Ventus Air-Man

    Shimomura Interviewed in Nintendo Power - Talks Kingdom Hearts Music

    Nintendo Power recently got the chance to sit down and have a chat with Yoko Shimomura, the brain behind the music of the KINGDOM HEARTS saga. The interview was published in their July 2011 issue, and I've scanned the pages for you guys to look at. Only a bit was mentioned regarding KH, but...
  2. Ventus Air-Man

    NINTENDO POWER Reviews Re:coded!

    Popular magazine Nintendo Power has just published its January 2011 issue which does contain a review of Kingdom Hearts Re:coded! Can you believe we only have one month left to wait until the game's release? Now onto the article: Overall, the game was given an 8/10! Share your own opinions...
  3. Ventus Air-Man

    RE:coded Showcased in Nintendo Power... Yet Again

    RE:coded Showcased in Nintendo Power... Yet Again Hey, guys! As Kingdom Hearst RE:coded's release trails closer every single day, Nintendo Power has published their thoughts in regards to the game's appearance at the Tokyo Game Show in September, comparing it to the title Dragon Quest IX. See...
  4. Ventus Air-Man

    Kingdom Hearts 3DS in Nintendo Power

    Yep, you heard me right, guys. The newest KH game scheduled for the 3DS has its very own article in gaming magazine, Nintendo Power! However, nothing too revealing was mentioned; read below-- Sou rce: Nintendo Power
  5. Ventus Air-Man

    Alisa Maier Found After Kidnapping Two Days Ago

    I just wanted to share this piece of news with you all, seeing as how I live not one hour away from the town where the victim was kidnapped. Most of you have probably already heard this; it was on the national news in the U.S. Read the article below: She was found later that night, sitting...
  6. Ventus Air-Man

    RE:coded in Nintendo Power

    RE:coded in Nintendo Power With Nomura's announcement of RE:coded taking place just a few weeks ago, it kind of surprised me to find that Nintendo Power had already published an article regarding this new game in the August edition of their maganzine. I've taken the liberty of posting it for...
  7. Ventus Air-Man

    Gameplay with Voices [[ENG]]

    Hey, guys! Guess what? Today Starcrossedsky on KHM found this very interesting video of English BBS gameplay... with voices! View below: _VqFYkZoFy0
  8. Ventus Air-Man

    ǂƾǂThe Marluxia/Namine Fanclubǂƾǂ

    Welcome to the FC of Marunami ♥Dedicated to the child molestor Marluxia, and the memory manipulator Namine. Two people in KH who actually deserve to be together...♥ Forever ǂ INFORMATION ǂ Marluxia, one of the first to lay eyes on Namine. Forced to capture her, he uses her for his own...
  9. Ventus Air-Man

    Kingdom Hearts Trading Arts Vol. 1

    These little beauties are set to be released in late August. Until then, make sure to save up your money. :) Source: Here
  10. Ventus Air-Man

    Fanfiction ► Kingdom blitzballblitzballblitzballblitzballblitzballs: Gateway to Truths (and Lies)

    Prologue Sora Sora's point of view. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Is... this a dream? Where am I? Bursts of blitzballblitzballblitzballblitzballblitzball. . . Pedastals. . . Creatures all around. . . Everything so dark. . . Creatures all around. . . Decisions. . . Creatures all around, eager to rip out my...
  11. Ventus Air-Man

    Best/Worst Jokes

    Well, as the title suggests, post your best or worst jokes here. Go.
  12. Ventus Air-Man


    Do any of you have any weird/unusual habits? If so, discuss them here.
  13. Ventus Air-Man


    Well, I was wondering if any of you collect anything. Whether it range from moldy socks, to sparkling pearls, discuss it here.
  14. Ventus Air-Man


    Well, I went on a school trip today to go see this really cool group called Mpact. They were very entertaining and well-known. One guy even said that he sang on the famous 'Subway, Five Dollar Foot-Long' commercial. Another sang on 'Avatar', the movie of the decade. I was wondering if any...
  15. Ventus Air-Man


    Well, in my history class were watching this film, "Roots", for black history month. It's mainly based around slavery and how slaves got treated. My history teacher even went on to say that Roots was the most watched movie/series of its time, more people viewing it then than the amount of people...
  16. Ventus Air-Man

    Where Would You Like to Go...?

    Well, the title basically says it all. If you could go to anyplace in the world, where would it be? Discuss it here. As for me, I would definitely like to go to Japan or some exotic place like Jamaica or Peru.
  17. Ventus Air-Man

    The Lightning Thief

    As some of you may already know, The Lightning Thief is a movie based off the book by Rick Riordan. It hit theaters yesterday, and I was wondering what you all thought of it. In my opinion, it was 'okayish', straying far away from the book's original story. The Lotus Casino was about the closest...
  18. Ventus Air-Man

    Lit ► Conspiracy 365

    Well, I just bought this book today at this book fair at school. From what I've read of it so far, it seems good. The will be twelve in all, for the twelve months of the year. It is a little strange, but good nonetheless. Here's what's written on the back cover: Another part of the book...
  19. Ventus Air-Man

    My First Tag Ever

    Ok, I just downloaded a GIMP program yesterday, and finished my first tag today: Well, critique all you will, but please just keep in mind that this is my first tag, ever.
  20. Ventus Air-Man

    Opinions on TAV

    Well, now that BBS is said and done, has any of your opinions changed regarding TAV? Do you view them differently? Has your favorite character changed?