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    Oh Wow, Its Been A Long Time!!!

    Hey forums! I haven't been here on the insider in just under a year! I dont know if anyone remembers me or cares that i returned cuz i didn't really make it known that I was leaving. But whatever, and damn, this place has changed! So ya, hey everyone who cares and remembers me. And oh, it...
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    Xbox 360 internet connection problems :(

    Ok, so I have an Xbox 360 Arcade but I bought a 60g hard drive. Today I just purchased the black wireless n adapter, when I got home I went through all the steps that I thought I would need to take but now I have come to some difficulties. When I searched on the internet to solve these problems...
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    Congrats on a Year...

    This thread is not only for me, ok. As of today, this is a year for Teiku 5, destinykh, Snow, and me. I would like to congratulate the other three members on making staff, platinum, and premium status. I wish us all another good second year at KHI.
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    People of Walmart

    Ok, many of you may have already seen this site, but there were no threads about it so I thought I would make one. At this site there are pictures of random people at Walmart wearing the wackiest and craziest shit ever, sometimes there are pictures of their cars too. Some of them arent that...
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    Broken Bone Discussion Thread

    Just as the title says... Today I found out that I have a hairline fracture in my 5th metatarsal on my right foot :( Other things I have done include: -Broken collarbone -broken index finger -Broken wrist :( I am involved in a ton of sports so injuries can happen...I have also sprained ankles...
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    How Many of you...

    How many of you guys played the series out of order? Personally, this is the order i went in- 1) KHII 2) KHI 3) Re:Com 4) KHII: Final Mix 5) Days I did it just because my friend gave me the disk for KHII, but I am wondering how many of you did it like me?
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    Sports ► Super Bowl Predictions

    Alright, this is going to be the first of two polled threads...In this vote your choice of what you think the matchup in the super bowl is going to be. Also state your reasons. At the end of the week i will make a thread about who you think is going to win the Super Bowl.
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    Youtube BBS Playthrough

    Just a heads up for anyone who missed parts of the live streams on Justin TV, Cyberman65 has started his playthrough of BBS. He is only in Dwarf Woodlands with Terra but its still good to see. Here is a link to his channel, you can find a playlist for BBS on the right side under uploads if you...
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    Forum Overload

    How many of you guys are also getting this message? I know it is probably the busiest day of the year because of BBS but this is just crazy.
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    Congratulations Me!!!

    This is my 1000 post!!! Ok, I know over the last few months some people have been making threads about how they are proud to have reached a benchmark number in postcount. Some have been accepted and encouraged, and some have been flamed. (Haxon) I don't really care about that, since...
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    Sports ► BCS National Title

    Alright, with the game less than an hour away, i still havent seen a thread about it. My questions: 1) Who are you rooting for? 2) Who do you think will win? 3) Who are the key game changers for each team? (and dont say McCoy or Ingram) Reasons. My Answers: 1) Don't really care actually...
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    I'm Back

    Just wanted to say that I am back after my week and a half in Orlando...nothing important, just letting my friends know where I was.
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    Memorization of Cutscenes

    Ok, knowing that most if not all of you on this website have played the KH series....I am wondering how many of you guys can quote cutscenes word for word? I can do it in alot of the KH2 ones dues to the amount of times I have played it. One that really stands out to me is this--- A3lyxoqGrRE I...
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    A recent thread involving achievements made me think about this...ok, throughout the kh series we have either kept Jiminy's journal or like everyone else in the Organization, Roxas kept a diary. But in BBS, how do you think it will be set up, Jiminy's has been key because it has kept track of...
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    100% Completion

    How many of yoiu guys have avtually all of these accomplishments, I do. Level 99 All Synthesis Dream Staff and Sheild All Dalmations All Trinities All optional bosses defeated 10 postcards All tournaments and tournament challenges Of course, beat Ansem SoD I think this is all the...
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    KHI in 2003

    ok, i have been pondering over this question for quite awhile, i know KHI began in the end of 2003 but my question is, who were the origional creators and are they still on here. I know Ulti is from 2003 but did she start it?
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    Ok, what happened to it...on my page it says i have earned 7 of them but when i post it only says i have 1. is this just a glitched or did they deactivate this?
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    Cutscene After Mission 57

    ok, after that eliminate the commanders mission in wonderland, we see a scene with axel in some sort of library at The Castle That NEver Was, he is in a book called "The Truth About Namine." did you guys notice this? and do you think we will get a hold on that book later in the series?
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    How to gain experience

    i notice all the mods have the exp bars and level bars, how can i gain exp now? or do i have to wait until i become a premium member (is that when you reach 1,000 posts?)
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    Organization Member in Agrabah

    Ok, i am going back through and playing KH2 again, before you go fight Genie Jafar, you talk to the peddler. He says he got all his money from the "man in the black coat" does it say in the novels or anywhere else exactly what member is it? Just trying tie up the loose ends in the story